The Telepathy Office

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Urban Fantasy

Book Summary

The vast metropolis, a city inhabited by goblins, in the throes of an industrial revolution forged in magic. Manna, magical energy captured in physical form, fuels its factories to produce artefacts traded across the galaxy. Wizards are the new elite. They use their magical skill to amass great wealth, and in turn, political power. Resentment grows among the mundane goblin proletariat.
Magic purveys every aspect of goblin life, they use it to communicate by telepathy, control weather, and heal the sick. But alongside the benefits come risks: Mutation from manna pollution, and magical diseases such as vampirism and lycanthropy. But the biggest threat of all is demonic invasion.
Vampires steal a book to summon a demon. Infernal manna finds its way onto the market place, with awful consequences.
Grand Master Pharaoh Henry must recruit a team of demon hunters to stop a full-scale invasion from Hell. But Henry is a dangerous fanatic, and those who work for him end up dead, or worse. No right-minded wizard would risk death, or losing his soul, so he recruits who he can: A drug addicted augurist, a dishonoured ork, a cowardly policeman, an escaped vampire, and a vain fashionista who shares her mind with a demon.
Against the backdrop of armed revolution, they investigate a Satanic plot, in order to prevent the opening of a gate to Hell itself.

About the Author

Self-published Author

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