The Terrorist's Game (Level 1)

Genre: Action Adventure, Conspiracy Thrillers, Suspense Thrillers

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action, adventure, intrigue, terrorism, conspiracy, drama, travel, politics, international, thriller, suspense

Book Summary

In a complicated post Covid era filled with peaceful governments that are manipulated by separatist groups trying to dominate the world, Talia Anderson has a particularly difficult situation. As the Director of Security for the United Nations, she is responsible for protecting some of the most important people from all over the globe, but her personal life keeps getting in the way.
With her mother hiding at her estate in Connecticut, her father in law becoming the President of Russia, and her teenage daughter, Anya missing; she barely has time to deal with the frustrating Cameron Walker who mysteriously appeared in her life from absolutely nowhere.
In order to rescue her daughter, she must allow Cameron to help her unravel the advanced technology used by the separatists, and work with her father in law, Eduard, and her personal security team on the road through Europe to solve a years old puzzle.
The Alder Nation claimed responsibility for her daughter's abduction, but has not demanded anything since they forced Eduard to run for President. As the search continues, the location and activities of the group and their leader, Percival unfold. Talia realizes that she is chasing the ghost of her dead husband across Europe to Lviv, Ukraine in a game that was organized to eventually allow a single separatist group to conquer and rule the world.
Talia must find her daughter and stop the Alder Nation from terrorizing her family any longer with a global chase that ends in a confrontation to stop at least one level of "The Terrorist's Game."

About the Author

I am Terri Dixon, Author of several books on Amazon, Kindle, Smashwords, and Inkitt. The Ring of the Queen, The Queen in Exile, and now Catherine III all in The Lost Tsar Trilogy. Also The Destiny Dream and The Terrorist's Game (Level 1).

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