The Twelve Steps To A Meaningful Life

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

Success is a small word that has a profound meaning in each individual’s life. That is when things can get dangerous or become a boost for your efforts. The Twelve Steps to A Meaningful Life is a testimony from the author, Edward L. Roth. According to Edward, the true meaning of success may deviate from person to person and depends on several circumstances. If you are going to define success in your own words, the list will be endless. The author wants to make it clear as day that success is not just about using expected examples like becoming a millionaire or doing whatever it takes to get rich. Instead, having a roof over your head and not having anything to worry about defines success. Becoming a helping hand that can guide others when they are lost is also a success. This world is not as complicated as people make it out to be for others. Some of the complications we see predominating in this world are due to our actions and nothing else. Our efforts come with outcomes, and some of these outcomes can prove to be lethal for us. Edward L Roth is writing this book to help people analyze their complicated lives and help them realize that success is not the only thing they need to strive for in this world. They need to strive for a more refined version of themselves with every step they take in this world.

About the Author

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