The Uncrowned Queen

Genre: Fantasy

Book Summary

Moments ago, Ellie and Jen Aston were in their small midwestern town of Groverton, but now, they find themselves on a parallel Earth, in the magical land of Kiamada. Accompanied by Alistair Doyle, his twin sister Kira, Kira’s husband Jerry, and the giant Wiler, Theonus, Ellie and Jen have to adapt to their new lives in this similar, yet still different, world. Weird plants and strange animals aren’t that surprising, but Bar Truga, the sentient island that is home to the Tayamu, is unlike anything Ellie and Jen had prepared themselves for.

While Jen strives to regain her lost memories, Ellie must deal with her Tayamu powers coming in faster and stronger than they should. When a rare, surprising new ability manifests, Ellie suddenly finds herself with a new partner in life, and must learn to control this ability before she accidentally kills herself.

Having received word from Nature that the uncrowned queen of Kiamada has returned home, Seaile, the First of the Tayamu, sets out with her apprentice to find the queen and restore her to the throne. But does the queen even want to rule? And why did she choose to leave in the first place?

When Doyle is forced to reveal their presence in Kiamada, news reaches the despotic ruler of Kiamada, Mathon, who sets plans in motion to protect his rule…plans that will place Mathon on a collision course with the Tayamu, and bring old friends to a new world in search of help.

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About the Author

From a young age, I was in love with the premises of fantasy novels and comic books: amazing creatures, fantastic heroes, and magical powers that existed right beneath our noses. I created detailed storylines to act out with my toys, often updating the stories until I was satisfied with the plots.

My love of writing began in my senior year of high school, when I had to write short stories for my English class. I wrote the first one in ten minutes, because it was due the next class period and I had completely forgotten about it. (Note to students: I do NOT recommend this!) The story was about a cockroach who’d been squished by a stinky pair of running shoes, only to have the odors from the shoes make him grow to seven feet tall and gain intelligence. The roach and the owner of the shoes engaged in a battle of wits to determine who would get to keep the house.

That story was greeted with laughter and applause by my classmates and teacher, and my subsequent assignments garnered even more positive responses. At that point, I began to seriously consider writing as a hobby.

In 1998, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, double-majoring in Secondary Education. You read that correctly. I don’t have an English degree, or a Creative Writing degree. I only took the required three English courses. I started college with the intention of being a high school German teacher, and was triple-majoring in German, Math, and Education. When the college dropped the German major, so did I, and settled on teaching math as a career.

After graduating in 1998, I spent the next nineteen years teaching math to teenagers. Over that time, I taught all grade levels from 4th up through college. Along the way, I earned my Master of Science in Education, and began setting my sights on transitioning from instruction to instructional technology.

At the end of my nineteenth year, my director offered me the opportunity to have my dream position, and I leaped at it. I now train teachers, troubleshoot pesky devices, learn every program my director purchases for the school, and do whatever else necessary to support our I.T. Director in keeping our technology working. In addition to those duties, I am now the Computer Science Department Chair, and will be teaching Computer Science classes.

I am a certified geek, and love Superman, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and other sci-fi/comic book characters and stories.

A native Floridian, I live in beautiful Broward County, Florida, with my wife and son, where I am continuing my career as an educator and diligently working on the Legends of Kiamada series, with a few other fantasy realms trying to fight their way out of my brain and onto my computer screen.

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