The Widow's Promise

Genre: Historical Romance, Mystery, Romance, Romantic Suspense Thriller

Book Summary

When Lady Grace Grayson accepts an invitation to a house party at Rocksavage Manor, she expects a few weeks of painting and serenity in the English countryside. She doesn’t expect to become the target of a murderer.

When Kyle Calshot, accepts a position with Theodore Price, the owner of Rocksavage Manor, he expects to learn all he can about British Politics in Victorian England. He doesn’t expect to be asked to betray a friend or become the bodyguard to a beautiful red haired widow.

As Grace and Kyle struggle against a newfound passion for one another, they must discover the motives of a killer. And when old secrets are revealed can their new love survive?


The Widow's Promise is a beautifully written suspenseful romance, set in the Victorian era. From the opening pages the story keeps the reader gripped in anticipation of the next move, as well as the developing attraction between Kyle and Lady Grace. There were stories within stories, and secrets that everyone knows exist, but no one is sure what they are, leaving the age-old quandry about not knowing what questions to ask! One thing is sure though, Lady Grace is in danger from an unknown assailant, as she is the unknowing key to the mystery. As Grace's appointed protector, Kyle finds that the more he tries to ensure that she is safe, the harder Grace fights against being told what is good for her. This is further complicated by domineering older men, who demand that everyone dances to their tune.

The secrets eventually emerge, some of which were best kept hidden, causing more harm than good and the reader wonders whether the fledgling romance between Grace and Kyle will survive the resulting upheaval. Some secrets though, take the reader into a fanciful experience of delight, stirring one's imagination to visualise the scene.

The Widow's Promise is well-written, with a complex story line and a wonderful romance. I'm looking forward to reading about the secondary characters who obviously have their own story to tell.

Margaret Watkins

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About the Author

When Roselyn is not managing her two wonderful children, amazing husband, cat, dog or bee hive she can be found either reading or writing. Oh, and the day job she has creating and implementing programming for grades K through 12th in entrepreneurship. She's lived most of her life in New Mexico and loves the blue skies and being able to see hundreds of miles most days. However she is always ready to discover and experience the adventure of new places. Writing gives her the opportunity to create them on the page when she can't actually get in the car and go.

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