The Wulff Agenda: A Political Financial Thriller

Genre: Historical Fiction, Historical Thrillers, Mystery, Suspense Thrillers

Book Summary

When sociopathic media tycoon, Leo Wulff acquires elite British social media company, Smart Lifestyle, he creates a secret database known as Nocnista to manipulate his victims’ Internet profiles to the extent it costs them their job, reputation, or even their life.
When Smart Lifestyle runs into commercial trouble, Wulff sends in a brilliant negotiator, Sam Jardine to war torn Ukraine where he collaborates with some dangerous characters to secure the largest data centre in the world. But Sam finds himself in direct competition with the Russians, who need the data centre to fuel their next generation spy programme.
Wulff becomes the ‘Keeper’, extends his zealous campaign of assassination into Russian elite society, and destabilises an already volatile region, plunging the world into crisis. His murderous social algorithm uncovers a conspiracy by a group of Ukrainian monks, intent on restoring the Tsarist Rurikid regime personified by the notorious Ivan the Terrible.
As Sam falls for a stunning local politician, Natalya Alexandrova, he becomes a pawn in her ambitious plans for the rebel Donetsk People’s Republic. Only his extraordinary negotiation skills and his beautiful, but volatile Cossack protégé, Xenia stand in the way of the new ultra-nationalist regime seeking to reconstruct the Russian empire.

The Wulff Agenda is part of Sam Jardine Crime Thrillers but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.

About the Author

Financial Thriller author Christopher Hepworth has been a professional negotiator for over thirty years with some of the largest and best known companies in the world. He has won numerous prestigious awards in his chosen profession of procurement. He has spent half a lifetime working for an array of colourful captains of industry both male and female, inspirational and downright terrifying. He often wonders how these desk warriors would cope if they were confronted with real-life global emergencies rather than plotting their narrow-minded corporate agendas. With the magic of fiction, Christopher Hepworth has mixed them together, created a wonderful set of characters, added some timeless villains and dropped them in the middle of some daunting cliff-hanger plots in exotic locations.

Born in the UK in 1961 and raised in Zambia in central Africa like his hero Wilbur Smith, Christopher Hepworth now lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife Anne and four children. Much of the spare time he found for writing has come while watching his children play representative cricket on playing fields around Sydney. It is amazing how many sentences can be written in between the fall of wickets.

The exotic characters in his book reflect his fascination with the charismatic, proud but often maligned warrior nations around the world and whose stories are screaming to be told. In his books, Christopher Hepworth seeks to highlight the plight of those proud people who have suffered the misfortunes of fate and history but whose dignity and aspirations remain intact.

Christopher Hepworth hopes that you will enjoy his new brand of hero fit for the twenty first century!

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