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THE SECOND BOOK IN THE JAMES SAGA How much can one man take? The second book in The James Saga, tells the epic story of one man’s struggle to escape the horrors of slavery. Donald Archer is a defiant slave on the Havers End plantation. Under the brutal regime of the chief overseer, Preston Carmichael, Donald has to endure Preston’s barbaric actions against himself and his fellow slaves. Donald finally snaps when an incident involving Preston ends in tragedy.
THE FIRST BOOK IN THE JAMES SAGA Falling in love with a slave – can it ever work? A turbulent tale of love entwined with the brutal nature of slavery, the first book in The James Saga follows the forbidden romance between Lawrence James, the son of a plantation owner and Jasmine Thomas, a slave on the Havers End plantation in 1860. Although he’s aware of the consequences, Lawrence cannot hold back as his feelings continue to grow the more time he spends with Jasmine.
Pavvo is a millionaire from Finland's oldest family who loves playing hockey for his college team. He doesn't need the degree, but he is a shoo-in for the NHL. He loves his Porsche and having nice things. To think that he's smitten with a waitress who is a single mom is inconceivable to his roommate.
Blayze is on top of the world as a candidate for the Norris Trophy and he’s home visiting his wealthy family in Boston for Christmas. He’s arrogant to kids who ask for autographs and he’s extremely wealthy but tends to buy his way out of things. Kelsey works in her dad’s pub in the college town in Colorado. She’s in the nursing program and is finishing up her clinicals. Between school, and work and taking care of her dad who drinks too much, she has no time for herself.
In the Kingdom of Alba, darkness falls in autumn of the year 1073 during Samhain. Great mysterious beasts, creatures from the mound, wreak havoc on the people in Dunfeld’s quaint village. King Malcolm sends three of his most fearless warriors to overthrow the evil forces that have overtaken his subjects. When the warriors arrive, they are confronted by the Daughters of Dunfeld, three brazen maidens determined to bring their torment to an end.
Erik is a foreign hockey player on campus. He’s young, buff and…hogs the puck. The team is losing games. His shenanigan’s and arrogance are wearing on the dean who assigns him a tutor. Sophia is looking forward to bringing her boyfriend home for the holidays. Only he just broke up with her. In a text message. Things get dicey when her sister acquires a boyfriend before Thanksgiving. Sophia isn’t about to let her sister steal all the attention at Christmas again.
The I Am A Black Man: Ascension of the Kings book is a companion to the documentary by the same title, and the second in a series chronicling the black experience. It explores the realities of black men in America and the misconceptions that exist related to how they interact with their children and partners. Black men have had to internalize the difficulties they have faced navigating the stereotypes that are part of the national narrative.
Occasionally, the unexpected happens, and we are left to deal with the loss of a loved one. We never know what tomorrow brings, and with that comes the uncertainty of what's to come. When the passing of a loved one occurs, it can be devastating and leave you feeling lost, alone, and afraid. So, let me offer this book to those experiencing this type of circumstance in their life. “The Hardest Goodbye” (Coping With A Loss) is about dealing with losing someone we care for and finding a way to cope...
No longer does the threat of civil war hang over the Island of the Sixteen Gods. Edrun and his companions can relax for a while before returning to their homes. But the High Priest and Priestess complain that brigands are causing trouble in one of the more remote corners of the territory of the Lute. Edrun and his companions offer to eradicate this menace, but instead Edrun ends up stumbling in the dark with a crack on the head, lost in a storm. When he awakes, he is still in the land of Lute...
Edrun, Jina and the council agree that something needs to be done about the mysterious disappearances of young women of the Clans of the DrummGrissa. But late that night, before a plan of action can be agreed, a local guest-house becomes a raging inferno. All within perish; amongst them Harane, a Princess of a powerful clan and a Priestess of the Goddess Lute who was travelling to Hazek. Is there a conspiracy at work, one that extends into the highest echelons of both the Clans and the Temples...


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