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Do you need more energy? Lose weight naturally? But you feel overwhelmed by all the information out there and you don't know where to start. Do not despair!
We are living in interesting times with state of the art beauty technologies and all kinds of synthetic artificial compounds. Never have there been so many different cosmetic products as there are today. But at what cost? Are they all beneficial? Haven’t we drifted too far from Nature? Learn how to prepare your own beauty remedies at home using only ingredients from Mother Nature. Making our own natural cosmetics can be fun, easy and effective. Because Gaia knows best! What are you going to...
***  Discounted for a limited time  *** LOVE MEANS NOTHING... UNTIL IT MEANS EVERYTHING To ambitious belly dancer Melanie Drake, celebrity drummer Taz Roman is a self-absorbed playboy she prefers to avoid... until he makes her a tantalizing offer. He needs someone to pose as his live-in girlfriend to get his meddling sister off his back. In exchange, he'll coach her through the upcoming Belly Dance Divas' audition.
The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer for YA Fans! Young Adult Fiction Best Sellers collects four #1 best selling horror, paranormal, and dystopian short stories by Jackson Dean Chase into one-power-packed book. This is not bland, boring YA. These are realistic, mature stories of brave girls confronting impossible odds that are perfect for older teens and adults. Read them now and see why Jackson Dean Chase is taking the Young Adult world by storm!
Killer Young Adult Fiction is the perfect midnight read. Demons, Ghosts, Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies and more are waiting inside... This deluxe collector's edition contains the complete 6-book Young Adult Horror series, plus two bonus books: "Hard Times in Dronetown," and the all-new post-apocalypse shocker, "Alien Rain." That's over 400 scary pages by YA's best and brightest new talent! Also includes an exciting preview of the author's dystopian novel, Drone.
All her life, Felicia wanted to be wild, to be free of what society forced her to be: the perfect daughter, the perfect friend. Then she met Mark. Mark, of the piercing green eyes and wolfish grin. A bad boy with an easy charm. He would be so easy to love... Mark knows what Felicia wants, and when he offers to take her on a picnic to an abandoned summer camp‌—‌a camp where dozens of people died‌—‌will she become another victim, or something more?
#1 bestselling author Jackson Dean Chase presents the ultimate bloodbath of Young Adult Horror. Beware: These pages are packed with zombies, demons, witches, and worse! Get ready for seven shocking tales destined to strip the sanity from your soul.
Sixteen-year-old Deb Gordon's mom is a realtor who doesn't believe the local legends about Hex House. When her mom disappears inside the mansion, Deb must follow. What she finds will shock you, will tear the sanity from your skull and send it screaming into darkness... This is a unique and horrifying haunted house ghost story that will live in your nightmares forever!
Realistic stories of teen girls who meet monsters and maniacs! Shocking encounters with vampires, werewolves, zombies, Frankenstein, and more... If you have a taste for horror, this collection of twisted tales and poems will satisfy even the most evil appetite... Presented by #1 bestselling author Jackson Dean Chase.
#1 bestselling author Jackson Dean Chase presents his third thrilling collection of Young Adult horror stories and poems. Experience true terror as teen girls confront demons, ghosts, vampires, and more in eight eerie, action-packed tales guaranteed to give you nightmares! This book is an official nominee for Best Short Story Collection of 2016 at the eFestival of Words.


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