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Some roads should not be walked alone... It's a slow night at Hap's Truck Stop & Diner, and for struggling waitress Norma it's another night spent away from her young daughter. Far from the nearest town and with no Internet access to pass the time, her only company is her elderly boss Jean. But the quiet is about to be shattered. When a horribly injured man stumbles in from the road, Norma and Jean have only minutes to save his life. With the phone lines mysteriously down and the nearest...
Miles Callahan is lead singer of the band Torn Pieces. He followed in his father's and grandfather’s footsteps, and is a lead cop on the Emergency Task Force in Toronto, Canada. When a drug bust goes wrong and he loses his best friend, life will change. Two weeks later he realizes his marriage is in jeopardy. Miles will start to think about his life, and how he ended up at this point.
Callie was done with love—at least, she was until the cowboy of her dreams came and swept her off her feet. She thinks getting into a secret romance is all the excitement she can get, but after an intimate weekend together, she finds her cowboy on trial for murder in her own courtroom. Torn between her new love and her long-time profession, Callie has to find the right path in a terrifying, unfamiliar territory... or else risk losing both.
The only way to escape is through Purgatory… Mac is the best sniper ever recruited by Purgatory, with an eye like a hawk and an instinct for opportunity. She never misses her target… until one fateful mission where the tables are turned in a brutal way. Now the predator has become the prey and she has to hide. All she has to do is lay low for a while, but it may not be easy, especially not above a BDSM Club with so many flamboyant and distracting characters close by.
When Charlie Picket was sent to Mexico by his boss, he didn't expect to end up with a thirteen year old girl in tow and be hunted by the FBI, the CIA and the Mexican police. But the hunters wanted the girl who was the key to the theft of ten billion dollars in gold and the overthrow of the Mexican government.
7 SECRETS THAT HOOK READERS! The first words on the page are the hardest you'll write. It's easy to get overwhelmed by choices. So how do bestselling authors know how to start their novels and short stories? What techniques do they use? That's what I set out to discover. I tore apart my library, scouring the openings to hundreds of my favorite novels and short stories to see what makes them work and why. And do you know what I found? A pattern—the secret formula authors use time and time again...
Chicago video producer Ellie Foreman has been absent from thriller author Libby Fischer Hellmann's repertoire for almost a decade. Now, in Jump Cut, she's back...and is soon entangled in a web of espionage, murder, and suspicion that threatens to destroy what she holds most dear.
A bus explodes in Peru, killing all passengers. A former spy is kidnapped in Colombia. Obscure European diplomats are being assassinated by a sniper. A trail of conspiracy and murder will lead former Navy SEAL and agency operative Joe Brennan across the globe, as he teams with reporter Alexandra Malone to end a plot that could turn the balance of world power, and cost millions of lives.
Aboriginal legal aid lawyer Jessica Harper is in deep, with an entire city howling for her client's head. A prominent oilman has been murdered, gunned down in the snowy Canadian winter night and left on a dead-end street. But the victim had secrets, and a deep list of enemies. Jessica's getting help from a former football player-turned-investigator, but both have their own demons to battle. A man's life is on the line, and only they can save him.
Isadora’s secret plan to save her family is frustrated by the arrival of the Errant Heir, with plans of his own. As Isadora prepares to thwart him, Lord Roborough’s friendliness and warmth undermines her determination—until she discovers he is a hardened gamester. As Roborough struggles to recover a wasted inheritance and counter Isadora’s attempts at sabotage, he is both intrigued and infuriated by her mercurial temperament. Bitterly hurt by her lack of trust, he despairs of a happy outcome.


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