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The easiest way to start with Sudoku puzzles! Adults should not be the only ones to have fun playing Sudoku. But starting with the usual big puzzles (grid of 9x9) may be too difficult for kids. The best way to enter the world of Sudoku puzzles is with a smaller grid (4x4). This book contains 100 Mini Sudoku puzzles (4x4 grid) of increasing difficulty, along with their solutions.
Low price during book launch !Small Sudoku For Kids 6x6 With Complete Tutorial My First Sudoku Puzzles Volume 2 Are mini 4x4 Sudoku puzzles too easy ? (if not, see our first volume) But you are not ready yet for the classical 9x9 puzzles ? So this book is the perfect choice for you with its 6x6 grid puzzles and its complete tutorial. The methods that you will learn are also applicable for 9x9 puzzles.
HIRED, FIRED, FLED is the calamitous tale of an average graduate who crashed through fourteen jobs in fifteen years, as he searched for the holy grail of the working world: a job to love. Wrongly accused of sleeping with the boss’s wife was a bad start, and things only got worse for Charlie Raymond as the film industry lured him in, kicking off a desperate struggle to succeed.
Superheroes battle the living dead in this hilarious spoof on the comic book universe!
Monkey in Mind. A high octane adventure of a Thought Monkey. This is a tale about a Thought Monkey called Monkey Tell whose task it is to deliver thoughts to people and who he must help to fulfill those thoughts to completion. However, Monkey Tell as he calls himself after the legend William Tell has to face the challenges of the Elfins with their Mirrors of Distraction, who take people off in different directions and so result in them not taking their thoughts on board, which could change...
A Lost Soul Discovered. Who is this mysterious Man and why had he come to Earth? A naked man appears on a highway and he is rescued by an earth woman called Eva. The man is weak and is nursed to health by the woman. The man is unable to protect the woman as she is attacked. Henry has no memory of who he is and so goes to find out his origins. It is later revealed to Henry that he is an extra-terrestrial called the Storyteller and he has arrived on Earth in 2070 AD to save the planet.
I am a Reaper and Harvester. Ruled by the Warriors of Guzon I have trained for over twenty years on my planet Ombidiron to be a Reaper Harvester. A Reaper is trained to plant seeds on barren planets. The Reaping begins after the season draws to an end and the seeds have grown into strong healthy plants. The Sower masterfully plants the special seeds at the start of the season on the fertile soil. When the harvest season arrives the Sower becomes the Reaper and gathers the abundance given forth...
Laura and The Law of Attraction. Laura Jones Wants to Receive A Million Dollars Today. Laura Jones wants to get rich and receive a million dollars today, was what the young Laura was chanting every day for the last two weeks. There was just one more week to go before the sixteen year old would get her millions.
The Value of Your Face. The Global Face Index. Human beings in the year 2064AD are valued by their Faces. This is based on a Global Face Index (GFI), which measures a person's Face Value based on life experiences, trainings, skills, psychological and physiological attributes. What happens when the wrong people in society have the highest Face Value and only one man knows how to control the Face Value Index before the world is controlled by fanatics and the criminally insane in society?
Meet Soul Hunter Roman Sands. No Souls Are Lost- They Are Imprisoned Forever. Roman Sands is a Soul Hunter. In the future of human civilization, men and women will not lose their souls to the Grim Reaper on Earth. One man had a desire to live forever, so that he could enjoy his inherited wealth and prosperity. That man Henry Urban got the best scientists to develop a method by which the soul of a living person could be transferred into a synthetic being or a highly developed humanoid, which...


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