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With a flower behind his ear, Fiesta the Elephant loves to dance the tango. Everyone makes fun of him until a new friend comes along.
This tale is about a cat's journey to create the perfect valentine for his favorite 'Creature Feature' host. This book is not just for kids it's a fun book for all who love comic books, valentines, cats and not so scary monster movies.
Impossible battles. Unconquerable enemies. A hero with one mission: to win in order to take back his life. A borderlands scout is propelled on an epic odyssey to rescue (and eventually marry) his kidnapped lover, confront evil gods and goddesses and their minions, and discover the strength and means of controlling his unique, inherited ability to bend reality--a power that, unleashed, could destroy him.
Commonplace, ordinary happenings give rise to deep contemplations in fifty-two thoughts intended to challenge yourself, lift your spirit, cause you to question yourself, and reassure yourself of life's purpose and your place in it. Originally presented as radio spots on Australian Regional Radio and subsequently published in regional newspapers, the listening or reading public has responded with: "Keep them coming!"
Nathan and Ashley discover a real live dinosaur egg buried in the sand dunes at their local beach. Trying to decide what to do with it has them stumped. Should they donate it to a museum? Sell it for lots of money? Claim finders keepers and hold onto it for their very own? Unfortunately, thanks to their unscrupulous uncle who wants to sell the egg for big money, the discovery becomes public. Now it seems everyone wants their treasure...
Paulus knows moving to the city is terrible mistake, but what can he do when his Father comes back from war and wants to take the whole family to Rome? In A Roman Tale, readers will see what life must have been like for one family in ancient times.
A collection of poems encompassing one life filled with images from childhood, family, pets, the Australian countryside around, and delivered with a touch of homespun philosophy.
What is this invention all the other animals are talking about? Koala decides to find out...but will he ever be the same again? What a surprise! What a laugh! A picture storybook for children aged 2-8.
When the balance of power is threatened in the land of Glede, the powerful Triskelion calls for its master.
When the balance of power is threatened in the land of Glede, the powerful Triskelion calls for its master.


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