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Set in Calgary, Canada, the US, and in Central Europe, Dead Man Dreaming is a literary fiction about one man’s fight against hereditary genetic diseases—from losing his girlfriend to finding love again—and how he overcomes his fear and frustrations and comes to terms with his own Huntington's disease.
Only $.99 Brad Johnson, a lone witness to a UFO sighting, becomes an alien target leading him to an off-world adventure. Brad risks everything when he accepts the adventure of a lifetime that includes an intergalactic battle he didn’t plan on. As Brad struggles to understand the conflict between the aliens, as well as his place in the universe, he learns one group threatens Earth's security and the other wants something entirely different. All Brad wants is to return home to his family, but not...
"Gifts of the Crysnix" is a novel for kids who are on the brink of becoming adults, to offer life lessons and inspire them to listen to their gut instincts and believe in themselves. The story is about the power of wishes in creating your best life. It raises issues of self-confidence, choice and consequence, and offers a ride into a parallel universe where beauty and perfection ignite the senses. Emotions run from the frailty of young love to the depths of grief and the reader may be surprised...
First off, this book is pretty short. Y’know, like a few chapters long, which is why it’s subtitled “F*cking Annoying Problems Solved In 15 Minutes Or Less”. Inside this expletive laden tome, you’ll discover how to easily cook a steak that is truly de-f*cking-licious, some might say better than Gordon Ramsay can, AND you get the bonus of this book being just as offensive AND less Scottish. And only 99c. No fancy equipment required - just get your mitts on a decent(ish) lump of a cow, a...
WARNING: This book is REALLY short. Y’know, like a few pages long, that’s why it’s subtitled “F*cking Annoying Problems Solved In 15 Minutes Or Less”. No bullsh*t. Just a couple of simple methods that can make you fall asleep anywhere. Screw sleep therapy or addictive, expensive sleeping tablets. I’ll get you to sleep in 2 minutes or less. For 99c. That’s a f*cking bargain. Oh and I swear quite a lot, so avoid this book if you are a nun, kindergarten teacher or easily-influenced small child.
Passions that lurk within us remain hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy get exposed under tempting situations.
Passions that lurk within us remain hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy get exposed under tempting situations.
They accuse a beautiful young woman of watching a blue film in her office with a co-worker. An unknown person writes her for ransom otherwise her children will be kidnapped. She is separated from her husband. Her husband’s friends think her a woman of easy virtue because she winks her left eye while talking What she will do? This mystery thriller will keep you engrossed It will not only keep you enthralled but you would not leave this book without reading it till the end
She was hardly twenty-five years old. She was a beautiful, bubbly. She got married six months back. Life was a celebration for her She always wanted to stay alive. One day a devil kidnapped her. One day she committed suicide. Which Satan forced her to commit suicide? Will the devil ever get caught? Will the Satan will ever get punished? It is a story of our time.
Jed’s quiet life as caretaker of the San Francisco Columbarium is turned upside down when he comes upon a dead woman’s body and a crying baby just inside the gate. His search for answers thrusts him into a world of corruption, bigotry and drug trafficking and he becomes one of the principal suspects.


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