These Fragile Things

Genre: General Fiction

For Fans Of

Maggie O'Farrell, Rachel Joyce and Ali Smith.

Book Summary

Life can change in a split second. And nothing you can do will stop it.

As a London suburb reels from riots in neighbouring Brixton, Graham Jones finds fatherhood a frightening place. How can he protect his family from the onslaught of change? But the future holds more fear than he can possibly imagine. One afternoon, a wall collapses, burying his thirteen-year-old daughter Judy underneath it. Rescuers who recover her shattered body from the rubble are amazed. “She’s alive,” her shaking mother Elaine is told. “And we’ll do everything we can to keep her that way.” With Judy’s life hanging in the balance, Graham’s anxieties seem trivial. The unimaginable has happened. Who can he turn to? While his wife puts her trust in medics, Graham’s answer is prayer.

When Judy not only pulls through, but defies all medical predictions, the press publish headlines about ‘The Miracle Girl’. Elaine knows this is a tough label for any teenager to live up to, let alone one who’s batting physical and psychological scars. She has always understood that love is all we can cling to in this whirling confusion of a world. Now, under siege from the press, pushed to breaking point by an onslaught of miracle seekers, she seeks solace in the arms of strangers.

Meanwhile, refusing to be drawn into her parent’s emotional tug-of-war, Judy treads her own path. But we all of us live on a knife edge. And things are about to get far, far worse.

With the trademark elegance and profound thoughtfulness one expects from this award-winning author, this emotionally-charged novel will make you reflect on belief, faith and the enduring power of love.

Perfect for fans of Maggie O'Farrell, Rachel Joyce and Ali Smith.


'Very occasionally a story jumps out at you with a raw burst of originality and thought-provocation that goes deeper than most, leaving you pondering the issues and plot lines unfolding in front of you. That story is These Fragile Things.’ ~ Lorraine Devon Wilke, Author

“Davis is a phenomenal writer. And this is a coming of age story like no other. ” Compulsion Reads

‘Jane Davis really does bring characters to life, mothers, fathers, friends, teachers are all perfectly described along with their actions and reactions to events. I love the occasional asides, an overheard conversation here, or a mental comparison of one home with another there, all of which helps to anchor the story.’ ~ Cleo Bannister, Book Blogger

‘That Jane Davis is an important new writer is a given.’ ~ Grady Harp, Book Blogger

‘This book could be seen as an exploration of the impact of the embrace of religion on routine domestic life, but that would be to oversimplify what I think the author is trying to do. This book is more about our desire to explain what happens to us, to justify the tipping of the scales of existence to one side or the other, and our desire to maintain an equilibrium when everything changes.’ Allonmybooks, Blog

‘The relationship between husband and wife is so subtle and enduringly lovely.’ ~ Sally Markwell, Reader

‘Never wastes a word.’ ~ Geoffrey West, Sutton Writers’ Club.

‘Masterly writing on a subject most of us don't give a second thought to. Very well written with utterly believable characters.’ ~ Amazon Reviewer

‘This book will take you on a journey into parts of the psyche we never normally explore. It will make you look at life differently and ask yourself the big questions we all normally avoid.’ ~ Mrs Tina Britt, Reader

‘Moving, thought provoking, sad and funny.’ ~ Karen Begg, Reader

‘The author’s prose is extraordinary.’ ~ Julie, Amazon Reviewer, US

About the Author

My debut, Half-truths and White Lies, won the Daily Mail First Novel Award and was described by Joanne Harris as 'A story of secrets, lies, grief and, ultimately, redemption, charmingly handled by this very promising new writer.' Six further novels, which straddle the contemporary, historical, literary and women’s fiction genres, have earned comparisons to authors such as Kate Atkinson and Maggie O’Farrell. My 2016 novel An Unknown Woman won Writing Magazine's Self-published Book of the Year Award. My favourite description of fiction is ‘made-up truth’.

I live in Carshalton, Surrey with my Formula 1 obsessed, beer-brewing partner, surrounded by growing piles of paperbacks, CDs and general chaos. When I am not writing, you may spot me disappearing up the side of a mountain with a camera in hand.

To learn more about my current projects, visit my website: Subscribe to to get your free copy of I Stopped Time.

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