Things That I Learned From the Word

Genre: Christian, Non Fiction

Book Summary

How do we establish a relationship with God? What does it mean to live a Christian life? What obstacles will the world place on the path of our Christian walk? These are questions that Christians, particularly new Christians, are concerned about. In Things That I Learned from the Word, the first offering from the Things I’ve Told My Kids series, author Eric E. Jenkins helps old and new believers to gain answers to these and other questions, as he attempts to teach his children, and others, the joy and benefit of living for God through Jesus Christ. This book is not just what Eric learned from the word of God, but what he hopes to share with everyone, as they attempt to learn more about God and God’s word for themselves.


“Things That I Learned From the Word (Things I've Told My Kids) (Volume 1)” is a celebration of a father’s journey through the Christian faith, as well as his longing to share his most meaningful and life-changing reflections with his children and fellow travelers. He skillfully relates these to the context of his own life’s experiences and numerous practical circumstances which adolescents and adults may find themselves in, always referencing them against Bible passages.

My impression of Mr. Eric Jenkin’s book is that it inspires faith-based discussion within one's family and shows examples of how it can be applied to the unique contexts of one’s family members.

His reflections are a testimony to how fruitful and insightful a family’s bible-study can be, and how influential to the shaping of the identity of one’s family members.

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About the Author

Eric E. Jenkins is a writer, a public speaker, a business owner, and has spent time mentoring youths. After graduating from Louisiana State University Shreveport (LSUS) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts, Eric completed his Master’s Degree in Human Behavior and Development at Capella University while also pursuing his Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts at LSUS. Eric is currently working on The Stages of Life, the second in the Things I’ve Told My Kids series. The Stages of Life will cover how taking life in stages will help children to minimize life mistakes, and shows parents how they can help to ease the burdens of life for their children.

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