Thinking of You

Genre: General Fiction, Short Stories

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Novellas, short stories, light reading, family life.

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‘You can’t burn photographs!’ he bellowed, striding boldly into the dining room as if she were a tenant in his house. Clair wanted to explain her reasons but he had already passed by her in a whisk of cold air and was standing over the table looking at the lines of images laid out for incineration. She followed him, rather perturbed by his over-emotional response. She was, however, used to her own way of things inside her own house and reached over the grate striking another match. Flames licked the corner of the tent and spread along the guy rope ...


"This is an unusual story & really enthralling. I couldn't wait to see what happens next. I loved the photography angle too. Easy to read & charming" Verified purchase Amazon review

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