Thursday's Child

Genre: Romantic Suspense Thriller

Book Summary

"She's cute as a button and sweet as apple pie, but don't let her fool you. She's a stone cold zombie killer from outer space."

Thursday's Child is the story of Adele Jansen, and one of the richest, most powerful, and most profound romances ever written. Set in pre-Millennium Manhattan, amid the dynamic worlds of high finance, publishing houses, and major law firms, it combines a love story that is at once both heroic and intimate, with an insistence on the sacramental power of art and a faith in the ultimate triumph of the spirit, into a modern epic of true grandeur. The Thursday's Child who lies at its heart, Adele Jansen, has (in the words of the old rhyme about birthdays) far to go. Gifted, ambitious, and determined, she takes one step off the career track to take an impromptu excursion with a man as fascinating as he is mysterious. Quite against her will, without completely understanding how or why, she finds herself drawn into an odyssey that will take her to the widest expanses of human existence, its heights and depths, its darkest mysteries, its brightest splendors--and transform both her and everyone around her. Her spellbinding story is told in terms that are vividly contemporary and strikingly realistic--yet at the same time, resonate with some of the oldest myths and legends of humankind. A magical story, Thursday's Child is a unique book--one that no reader will ever forget.

About the Author

'Joseph Wurtenbaugh' and 'Josephine Wurtenbaugh' are the writing names of Frank Dudley Berry, Jr. Both are variants of his mother's maiden name.

Mr. Berry's first novel was 'Thursday's Child', an epic love story that infused a conventional romance formula with a rich novel of ideas. Since a female pseudonym is all but required in that genre, Mr. Berry chose the name 'Josephine Wurtenbaugh'. (The author is married and the father of two daughters.) He still uses that variant for fiction that appeals primarily to women.

Mr. Berry uses the alternate version 'Joseph Wurtenbaugh' for other work. Three short stories, 'The Old Soul','Warm Moonlight', and 'Newton in the New Age'that appear as Kindle Singles, have been published under that name. He has also published a novel 'Alone in the Fortress' as 'Joseph Wurtenbaugh'.

His latest novel, 'A Prophet Without Honor', is a work of speculative historical fiction.

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