Tina's Adventures: First Day of School

Genre: Children

Book Summary

This book is perfect for children who are about to start school for the first time and are feeling a bit nervous about it.

Tina is a monkey who lives with her mum and dad. Tomorrow is her first day of school and she feels nervous about it. Because she wakes up a little late the next day, she misses breakfast and she doesn't check her school bag if she has packed everything in it. At school, she meets her teacher and schoolmates, and deals with the consequences of not checking her school bag, but it all turns out nice and her first day is a hit.

About the Author

Tita is a teacher and an author from Slovenia.

She has written a diet & meal plan book Eat Yourself Healthy & Sexy, and an exercise guide Get Fit, Strong & Lean, and a romance novel The Healing Touch.

She is also the author of children's books Mia and Her Time Machine, a book about a girl travelling back in time and learning about ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, and ancient Greece.

She is currently working on another children's book.

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