Tiny Funny Monster and Sam's adventures

Genre: Children

Book Summary

Sam didn't like his new house. He felt lonely. But one night he found Tiny Funny Monster under the bed and they became friends! “You’re the strange toy from the box! ”- exclaimed Sam surprisingly. “I’ll call you Tiny Funny Monster.”
. - Cute and funny Bedtime Story for Kids age 4-8 years-old - 2D Full-color professional illustrations - Amazing Night-light effects of picture (especially for reading at night) will captivate you and your child. Here's what readers are already saying about the colorful and valuable book: Debora: “This is a really sweet story for kids! It is the great children’s book about friendship. We love the bedtime reading, especially this book, is so funny and the Tiny Funny Monster so cute. My son loves it so much.” Jane: “The illustrations are incredible! The picture with a light in the dark room so real! Moon and the fireflies in the night woods -there are awesome especially in the printed version of the book”
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About the Author

Liza loves different stories. When she was a child, she could spend hours listening to the different fairy tales that her mom read her. After a while, Liza started to invent own stories, and her mom wrote them down. Children have an extraordinary imagination, which allows them to compensate for the lack of knowledge until they can fill these gaps. Only a child can be so sincere, spontaneous and understandable to the other kids. We will continue to publish the stories, created by Liza when she was a child. Now Liza keeps writing stories and fairy tales, helping children to understand the world around, and their parents- to see the world through the child’s eyes. 

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