Torpor: Though the Heart is Warm

Genre: General Fiction

For Fans Of

Jack Kerouac

Book Summary

Set in the 1990s, TORPOR tells the story of a man searching for his father — and coming to terms with his own identity in the process. At 27-years-old, Peter — or is it Pedro? — is about to wake up from prolonged emotional hibernation to discover what really makes him tick. Follow him on his journey from L.A. to Phoenix to the tropical, mosquito-brined coast of Mexico — an oh-so-human departure from numb suffering into the fearless terrain of wild awakening.

TORPOR: Though the Heart is Warm explores themes of identity, self-deception, father-son confusions and spells we inadvertently allow family to imprint on us — spells we must learn to break.

About the Author

Laurie Perez is the author of the Amie Series: THE LOOK of Amie Martine and its sequel, THE POWER. Her other books include Atomic Truths & Stellar Seeking, Joybroker Math and the novel, Torpor. She lives with her daughter, Sachi and partner, Raul in Arizona and is affectionately known by friends and fans as Joybroker.

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