Tower of Lust

Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Paranormal, Short Stories

For Fans Of

For fans of The Bell Jar and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, read how a simple farm girl becomes a power- and sex-obsessed witch in medieval France.

Book Summary

France, 1350s

Is a girl born a witch? Or does she become one? How does Jeanne become Tempeste?

Jeanne was born on a poor farm. She accompanies her father to the big market a few days’ ride away to sell their pigs. Alas for Jeanne, daddy gambles her away to a wealthy man, never to see her home or family again. Will he be kind to her?

Enchanteur lives in a stone tower in the middle of a forest, far from any road, track or village. He teaches Jeanne about beauty and elegance. He shows her about self-care and good health. She embraces it all so fully that she just wants more of these delightful pleasures.

Thus, Enchanteur begins to teach her magic, how to re-weave the fabric of the world around her to start a fire with the snap of her fingers, to move objects across the room with her mind. She begs him to teach her how to see other places beyond the tower, as she has watched him do, using his cauldron as a portal. She watches the ladies of the palace use tricks to lure handsome knights to their beds for sex – a pleasure Enchanteur never speaks of, or seems to even think about.

But now Jeanne wants to add this fantasy to all the others she now knows. Can she seduce Enchanteur? Can she use her power to bid him do her will, bring him to submission?

And if so, need she take a new name to celebrate her new prestige?

NOTE: Tower of Lust is the Prequel to Monica Bentley's Chateau of Love trilogy.


"At first, I was about to read “Chateau of Desire” book one in this series. But discovered this prequel just in time to read it first, and I am so happy for that. This good but lease you wanting more. And more is what we are given with three books to follow. I was originally looking for a quick read “in between” book and this is not that. This reads fast but I fell into the details of the plot and the voice of the author that I feel is unique super quick. She gives us a story of characters that are just people. And you are not sure at the end whom we will call the villains or the heroes at the end." Amazon reader

"I read "Chateau of Longing" before any others of the series and totally enjoyed it. However, "Tower of Lust" helps make sense of the complete series and is also a good read unto itself. I heartily recommend reading it." Amazon reader

About the Author

Monica Bentley is a lover of history, historical romance, and a thumping good yarn. Whether consulting ancient authorities such as Aristotle, medieval chroniclers like Froissart or spelunking modern questions with the Encyclopédistes, when it comes to crossed swords, court politics, and wounded hearts, she never fails to swoon with abandon. We invite you to swoon with her.

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