Traverse: The Last Heir of Arthur

Genre: Conspiracy Thrillers, Suspense Thrillers

For Fans Of

Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code

Book Summary

William “Mac” MacCrarey is about to learn who he truly is. He’s also about to be thrust upon the world stage and pushed to his emotional and intellectual limits. Merrill MaGeah and Kyle Dunham, Elders of the Clan Camulodunum, are determined to fulfill their Clan’s purpose after more than 1,500 years of waiting for the right heir and the right time. They’re hope is that Mac can be that heir. They arrange for him to become Deputy U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations against the wishes of powerful Senator Jack Abrams, Chair of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, and Secretary-General René Boujeau. Arrogant and cruel, Boujeau is clandestinely preparing to recast the UN into a military empire with the help of his Under Secretary-General Gerhardt Schoen, a cold and brutal man who will stop at nothing to avenge his Germanic ancestors and fulfill their twisted destiny. To rid themselves of Mac, they make him Commander of a failing UN peacekeeping operation just as the military leader of one of the factions, secretly being funded by Schoen, launches a brutal attack. In the coming chaos, Mac’s ancestry comes to the fore and sends him down the path Merrill and Kyle have prepared him for…a path that will eventually challenge the political and moral foundations of the world. Upon returning home, Mac’s long-lost love Genevieve unexpectedly walks into his office, and with her is a little girl who turns his life upside down.


Traverse: The Last Heir of Arthur is a political thriller by W.A. Holdsworth. While recuperating from an attempted suicide, William MacCrarey meets Merrill Mageah, a member of a Clan founded in the fifth century, CE. Merrill informs MacCrarey that he’s King Arthur’s heir and takes him to meet the Clan Keeper. Kyle Dunham briefs MacCrarey on his historical legacy. The Clan wants him to continue Arthur's work bringing peaceful democracy worldwide. Under their guidance, he becomes the US Deputy Ambassador to the UN. This stalls the inhumane scheme that Undersecretary Gerhardt Schoen and his boss, Renee Boujeau, have for the UN. They send Arthur’s heir on a peacekeeping mission to Cyprus, knowing he’s too inexperienced to handle the political turmoil. W.A. Holdsworth is an author I recommend following if you want a gripping book to read. - Reader's Favorite

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About the Author

W. A. Holdsworth is the author of the Heir of Arthur trilogy. He lives in Michigan and attended the University of Michigan, Oakland University, and Michigan State University, earning an engineering degree and an MBA. He’s worked as a business and government consultant, and now serves as a Director for one of the largest counties in the U.S. An avid reader of adventure novels, he didn’t begin writing until his late thirties while working and raising a family. A fan of the Arthurian legend, he wanted to bring the story of Arthur and Camelot into the modern world with a series of novels that are both exciting and meaningful. The result was Traverse, self-published in 2015, and its sequel Novum Orbis Regium. He is now writing the next book in the trilogy.

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