Trekker Girl Morocco Bound

Genre: Action Adventure, Non Fiction

Book Summary

Life After Blood Clots or How I Learned to Live and Love Life as a Thrombosis Survivor.

This is my story - Join me on my journey.

People tell me ‘I am lucky to be alive’ and they are right, yet I still suffer from Survivor Guilt; why did my Dad die from his blood clot while I lived through the two I had aged only 26?

Now in my 50s I live a fuller and more active life than ever before, although trekking in the Sahara Desert to raise money for charity was perhaps a step too far! Read the story of my trials and tribulations in the desert. Laugh and cry with me.

Thrombosis UK works to educate both the Public and Health Professionals to ‘Spot the Clots’. Knowing what to look out for may save your life or that of someone close to you. All profits from book sales will be donated to Thrombosis UK.

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About the Author

Back in 2012 I went on a trek in the Sahara Desert to raise funds for Thrombosis UK. Trekker Girl Morocco Bound is about that trek with stories of my trials and tribulations in the desert, some to make you laugh at me and some to make you cry with me. I have also described my blood clot journey, having had them in my leg and lung aged only 26. I am lucky to be alive! Now I live life to the full and decided to write this book to raise awareness of thrombosis and continue raising funds for Thrombosis UK who receive all the royalties.

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