Triple Jeopardy

Genre: General Fiction, Romance, Short Stories

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Romantic "coming-of-age" short stories with a dark twist.

Book Summary

These heroines have one thing in common – they attract trouble.
Tina’s Dilemma - Would you tell your best friend? Underneath Justin’s Greek God exterior is a dark bully. Tina has suffered twice at his hands and now he’s about to marry her former best friend. She is faced with a choice – ruin the wedding and risk a friendship or let Chloe marry the wrong man.
Teacher’s Pet – Where does it say “feel free to take advantage”? Vicky’s passionate opinion in class attracts unwanted attention from the local rugby hero, whose mates are just plain loud. But they are exactly who she needs when Dr Parr decides to educate her about more than just Economics.
Date Rape – When play-acting stops being a game. Kent Adams was different to Cassie’s normal dates – erudite, worldly and six foot of pure, knee-trembling muscle. He shares her passion for opera and theatre, but misread signals & dark yearnings lead to dire peril.


"Three short stories spanning as many decades, they prove penetratingly absorbing. Green has the uncanny ability to rope readers in and make them care for her characters, delivering plots and narratives that vibrate with an impending sense of danger. But she always manages to inject a timely element of humour." - Book Viral

"A fun read with such clever twists. Ms. Green gives us a wonderfully interesting set of stories, all while asking us to question some very important issues. What does it mean to be a true friend? How do we find the strength to fight for ourselves?" - JD Faulker - Author of Mirrored Time

"Yes Yes Yes! One for each of the stories in Triple Jeopardy. Cleverly written, heart-warming characterization and an injection of humor . To my mind a winning combination that gave me hours of pleasure." - AR - Amazon Reader

"The stories are very heartfelt, most women who get into fields dominated by men, recognize these stories as true, unfortunately so. The writing is very good, and the characters are likeable. There is quite a bit of humor, quite a bit of sadness, and more than a touch of awkwardness of growing up." - AC, Amazon Reader

"What a fantastic premise! Three intriguing women in troublesome situations, over three decades. I don't always enjoy short stories, I usually like my books to be more meaty, but the blurb sold me. I'm glad it did! Truly a fantastic read." - S.M. Freedman


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About the Author

Ro Green squanders most of her leisure time reading, writing and listening to music. Almost every minute of every day sees her sat at a keyboard, furtling with a story (hers or someone else's) or chatting to her many friends all over the world. That's living alright! Well it is when you combine it with frequent trips to Wet, Windy Wales or Wondrous Wessex. Ro lives with her husband in the middle of England with the odd visit from their three darlings. There are some boring bits about having to earn a crust - but that's not really Ro.

Half a century of people, countries and experiences are fighting inside her mind to get themselves down on paper. So many stories, so little time.

She is proud to announce the release of the third in her series of military thrillers with a hint of dark romance. Hostage: Fox Among Wolves, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Big Bad Wolf. Although it started life as a single book, readers requested more of these characters, "the unsung heroes who work in the shadows." Great fun to work with such quirky, subversive guys and gals.

Ro Green is a member of the World Wise Writer's group, a group of awesome scribes with huge hearts, wickedly funny lines and cats. Especially Ginger ones.

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