Triumphant Love

Genre: Christian, Romance

Book Summary

"Triumphant Love" is Book 4 in "The True Love Series. To gain maximum enjoyment, it's recommended the books are read in order.
Having received a letter from Jayden after their arrival home from Ecuador, Ben and Tessa had hoped he’d be on his way home soon, but concerns about Jayden’s growing attachment to the young, beautiful Angela Morgan make them wonder if he’ll ever be prepared to leave her and come home to them. They have no choice but to pray and wait.

Meanwhile, Jayden falls deeper in love. He attaches himself to Angie’s family, who have problems of their own in the form of an unexpected pregnancy. Jayden is amazed at how Angie’s parents handle what could be every parent’s worst nightmare in a loving, caring, non-judgmental way.

As Jayden’s sixteenth birthday is celebrated on both of sides of the world, changes are afoot. Jayden has started attending a Bible Study run by Angie’s youth group, and although he’s interested, he needs proof God is real and is determined not to get caught up in any of the emotion. Will he tell her the truth about himself, even if it means he might lose her?

Kathryn goes from bad and worse, but Jayden never expected to see her on the headlines of the news. What has his mother done?

Although they’d rather Jayden was home, Tessa and Ben make the most of their time alone prior to the birth of their baby, but when Tessa is rushed to hospital and Ben is unable to be contacted, all Tessa can do is pray.


"This is another fantastic written story by Juliette Duncan! If you haven't read this series I encourage you to do so. Through various real life situations Juliette Duncan shows how their faith is tested but placing God first is the only way they can stand. Through your joy and your tears you will not be able to put this down." Kat

"This is an extremely satisfying ending to the series. As we have followed, Ben, Tessa and Jayden, we have seen how God is faithful and always with us even when we aren't aware of Him. Ben and Tessa have strengthened their love, faith and marriage through the trial of Jayden's absence. Jayden has grown to understand God's love and his parents as well.It was refreshing to read a story that was grounded in reality. The situations, the emotions and the anguish were what we face in our own lives. And of course, the happy ending is gratifying!"

About the Author

Juliette Duncan is a Christian fiction author, passionate about writing stories that will touch her readers' hearts and make a difference in their lives. Although a trained school teacher, Juliette spent many years working alongside her husband in their own business, but is now relishing the opportunity to follow her passion for writing stories she herself would love to read. Based in Brisbane, Australia, Juliette and her husband have five adult children, seven grandchildren, and a much loved elderly long haired dachshund.
Apart from writing, Juliette loves exploring the great world we live in, and has travelled extensively, both within Australia and overseas. She also enjoys social dancing and eating out.

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