Trouble on the Straits

Genre: Action Adventure

Book Summary

Charley Manner's retirement in the Florida Keys is full of surprises. A shark sinks his boat. A dead man with a treasure map bobs up from nowhere. And a Cuban drug lord shows up demanding the map. Charley battles the drug cartel to rescue family and friends caught up in the drama, leading him across the Florida Straits, back to Cay Sal Bank where it all began. Charley's training as a former Navy SEAL prepared him for dangerous situations but this may be more than he can handle.

And the cartel is not the only danger Charley faces. The author amps up the pace with non-stop action, high-tech gadgets and weaponry only a SEAL could love, encounters with a man-eating shark and deadly creatures. Marnier combined a fish-fighting chair, a bottle of tequila, a Great White shark and a swash-buckling, ass-kicking former Navy SEAL for an action packed opening to this debut novel. Caution. After reading Trouble on the Straits, you might get hooked on the series.

About the Author

Action adventure writer

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