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A warrior decides to protect the woman he loves, on her journey to marry another man. He must swallow his pride and do his duty, but she has secrets of her own that must remain hidden. With war looming, and an empire hanging in the balance, these two people must navigate the real dangers of the wild road, as well as those of forbidden emotions.
Maxine Dashwood's life explodes over the course of a single day. Her best friend, and resident film-buff, Dev Gupta, convinces her to help him run a hotel by the sea. Love, lust, and betrayal will loom large when she runs headlong toward The Goddess of the Sea.
One of the most challenging aspects of being an entrepreneur and a small business owner is by far trying to market your passion in the vast expanse of the digital arena. In this book you are given a quick insight on how to get started in this digital space and a guide on what to do next. This book tackles topics like social media setup and maintenance and the truth behind Google and search engine optimization. Don't waste another minute trying to navigate the rough waters and give this a...
Welcome fellow entrepreneurs or side Hustlers. So if you're picking up this book you're probably interested in either becoming a Lyft or Uber driver or you already are and you're looking for some helpful tips. Well, I hope I can help you out.
Join me on the wild adventure of trying to understand how women think and why it is so important to keep in mind every aspect of a woman's day when it comes to foreplay. Men, if you really want to improve not only your sex life, but also your relationship, then join me on this dissection. Each chapter includes take away homework or observations you can use to improve your foreplay game. Porn has mislead our sex long enough and it is time we take back the importance of satisfying our...
Join this intimate cast of characters on their journey of discovery that the world around them not only impacts their lives, but they have a powerful impact on those in their path.
Welcome to the wilderness of mirrors! This Cold War espionage thriller, teeming with betrayal, duplicity, duty, love and spy craft, is based on a true story. It is realistic; but reality sometimes goes beyond the wildest fantasies…
Where can you turn when good and evil are working together? And who can you trust? The year is 2022, sea levels are rising and the USA and Russia are locked in a battle for unlimited, restricted power.
A taste of trouble is in the air when a group of well-heeled, fudge-loving women descend on Ava Oosterling's newly acquired and lovingly refurbished bed & breakfast inn for a chocolate lovers' getaway. When one of the women turns up dead--and Ava's grandfather is a prime suspect--Ava plunges into the thick of a murder case stickier than her candy store's line of Fairy Tale fudge flavors and the chocolate facials the women adore at the local spa.
Do we believe what we know? Do we know what we believe? Dangling Propositions is as much an act as it is a title. Human perceptions are suspended, within the imaginative realms of its three speculative stories, for reader scrutiny. These are exploits through individual and collective dimensions of our awareness, challenges to expected experience.


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