Two-Gether: A Guide to the Piano for Adult Beginners and Their Teachers

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

Adults develop the same piano skills as any other student. But their needs and expectations are very different. Enter veteran piano teacher (and former adult beginner) Robert T. Marchand.

In Part I, Rob speaks directly to the new student—sometimes a beginner, sometimes a restarter—affirming their romantic attraction to playing the piano while offering practical steps and advice for getting started and moving forward.

In Part II, he addresses the teacher who, through exposure to a range of adult-appropriate materials and strategies, is encouraged to treat the student as an intellectual peer.

And so it is, by working Two-Gether, that the budding musician emerges and develops to fullest potential.

About the Author

I am a classical pianist who has taught for many years.
Given that the fastest growing student population is the adult beginner, I would like to share my ideas and strategies for working with these students.
Music is a passion. Piano is a passion. Adult beginners and restarters is a passion.
These passions were born of being an adult beginner myself.

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