Uber and Lyft Tips, Tricks and Real Stories: Guide to getting started as a Lyft and Uber driver with 5 tips and real life tales from the road

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

Welcome fellow entrepreneurs or side Hustlers. So if you're picking up this book you're probably interested in either becoming a Lyft or Uber driver or you already are and you're looking for some helpful tips. Well, I hope I can help you out.
Part-time jobs, side jobs, side hustles, etc. are no stranger to my past, and as for Lyft and Uber, I have to highly recommend them if you're looking for something that gives you quick cash and takes very little effort. Not to mention, you can multitask while driving Lyft or Uber. Let me say for a second, I don't mean literally while you're driving people around, you're out doing other things, but I mean when you're waiting for a fare to come down or another call on your app you can be studying. You can bring a laptop or something, surf the internet, play games, or so many things you could do while you're online with Lyft or Uber so it doesn’t just have to be sitting around in your car waiting for people to pay you money.
As they say, proof is in the pudding, right? Well I am actually writing this e-book right now while I'm on my Lyft and Uber apps. I am using Google dictation on Google Docs and I have my laptop just sitting next to me and my passenger seat and I am talking this out while I wait for my next fare. Another great thing that you may or may not know about Lyft or Uber is that you don't work for them. You are a 1099 contractor, so they don't handle your taxes or set your hours. If you're not their employee, you don’t have to wait for them to send you a paycheck every month, but you get paid immediately.
With current technology, you're able to complete a fare and automatically get paid. You basically have the money right away with no delay like JoyRun where you going must wait for hours to get paid or some other food delivery business where they pay you once a week. Speaking of money, the money is pretty decent. You're not going to sit around and make a cool million, but I have four kids and a wife, and we are able to support them on this income alone.

About the Author

Writing for me has never been something that I have taken very lightly. When I sit down and put pen to paper or click the keys on my keyboard to write an ebook or even a quick blog, a fire wells up inside of me and my fingers often have trouble keeping up with the fire spilling out. I write for two basic purposes.
First is to help people become a better version of themselves. I am partial to people who can recognize that there is a part of their life in which they wish to improve. Secondly, I write to entertain. I love to hear that my words have created at least a glimmer of joy in my reading.
I am a small business owner for a company that supports small businesses and entrepreneurs in their pursuit of their dreams and this brings so much joy to see people's passions come to life.
I am a proud husband and father of four amazing children.
Through my publishing I hope to reach all audiences young and old and hope to continue to help people all of my days.

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