Under The High Ground: A Paul Litic Conspiracy Thriller

Genre: Conspiracy Thrillers

For Fans Of

Dan Brown, John Grisham, James Patterson

Book Summary

Washington Post investigative reporter Paul Litic receives an urgent late-night request from the FBI: a light plane has crashed and Litic is the only one who can identify the pilot burnt beyond recognition with a bullet in his throat.

Joining forces with a gifted Australian FBI trainee, Angela Sutcliffe, Litic is stunned to find their secret investigation uncovers a long trail of unsolved killings and has set him on a collision course with a conspiracy that leads to the steps of the White House.

What is the mystery that stretches deep into his past and connects all these murders with his family? And why can't he surrender to a normal relationship built on love?

Unless litic can find the missing pieces to this puzzle, the truth will remain lost for ever ...

About the Author

Scott Michaels is the author of the Paul Litic Conspiracy Thriller Series which follows a lone journalist in his relentless hunt for the truth which is often hidden behind a veil of dark secrets. Scott lives with his wife on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

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