Unhappily Ever After

Genre: Action Adventure, Fantasy, General Fiction, Humour

For Fans Of

Tom Sharpe, the Carry On films, Monty Python and other political satirists. If you liked the Shrek movies you will love this.

Book Summary

Cinderella and King Charming have been married for 200 years and she's had enough, she wants a divorce. Add into the mix two other unhappy Queens, Snow White and Beauty and it's a recipe for disaster. The annual ball is looming and there is a dire shortage of princes for all the princesses Beauty has produced, making up for lost time. Enter the Green Giant, sent by the Red Party to ferment revolution among the happy, ignorant peasants whose main ambition in life is to own underpants. Will his promise of a television set in every hovel persuade them to revolt against their royal masters?


The author's imagination and humour are combined to create a story that makes your smile or LOL from beginning to end. It is a rollicking pantomime of dry wit and well-described imagery that works exceptionally well. Highly recommended.

All round a great cast, a great story and very very enjoyable! Check it out for a book with a different look at happy ever after endings!


Written with a huge helping of talent and dash of sarcasm, a pinch of romance and a tablespoon of humour, it's a book not to be missed!

If you're not a prisoner of political correctness and enjoy an outrageous story with countless twits and turns, then this entertaining page turner is probably just the book for you.

Lucinda Clarke has a talent and knack for taking sweet childhood stories and making them comic relief entertainment for adults. I could easily see this becoming a theatrical performance. I will be reading this again!!

About the Author

Born in Dublin, dragged up in the Cotswolds and finished off in dockland Liverpool. Wanted to follow grandfather and work in Fleet Street, persuaded to train as a teacher - went crofting in Scotland, moved to Kenya, on to Libya with riots, a public hanging and a bayonet on her shoulder during a live radio broadcast. Speeding past more countries and careers she eventually 'fell' into writing for a living, first in radio, later in television in South Africa. Part time lecturer in scriptwriting at Durban University of Technology, worked for National Geographic, the UN and WHO, plus a Hollywood film.

Before retiring, she ran her own successful video production company with corporate, government and media clients. Now she is only pretending to be retired, while busy writing for a new client, herself. To date she has published seven books, three memoirs, three adventure thrillers and a comedy.

Winner of 21 awards for her television and video programmes and several awards for her books.

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