Unmasking: A Journey

Genre: Non Fiction, Suspense Thrillers

Book Summary

Rayne’s previously mundane life changes drastically when she begins communicating telepathically with a dangerous organized crime boss with far-reaching influence about the preservation and protection of our natural world.

Her efforts meet with resistance, not the least of which is her own skepticism about her untested intuitive skills or the fact that, unknown to her, she has a superpower.

Rayne’s quest begins as she enters a reality where nothing is as it seems, encountering corrupt political leaders, violent gang members, corporate spies, the CIA, the confused, the curious, and the benevolent.

Struggling to understand her growing spiritual awareness, Rayne’s underworld journey presents her with challenges that makes her recognize that life is much, much more than she imagined.

A mysterious and suspense-filled tale of modern spirituality and a compelling memoir unlike any other, Rayne’s story is one of transformation and the ultimate triumph of love against all odds.

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“An inherently fascinating, exceptionally candid, consistently compelling, thoughtful and thought-provoking memoir, ‘Unmasking: A Journey’ is deeply personal and ultimately inspiring. An extraordinary and phenomenal life story that will linger in the mind and memory long after the book itself has been finished and set back upon the shelf. ‘Unmasking: A Journey’ is unreservedly recommended for personal reading lists and community library Contemporary Biography collections."


“Anyone interested in uplifting reads about the nature of personal transformation and the paths leading to it will relish Unmasking's candid and intricate focus on how one thing leads to another in life. Few autobiographies adequately capture the process of transformation as does Unmasking.”


“Beautiful and scary and ungainly and soaring and everything else that goes into a meaningful life.”


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About the Author

Rayne Dowell is an Indie Author, born and raised in Alberta, Canada. She self-published her first book, a creative non fiction titled "Unmasking: A Journey" in 2017.

She’s currently writing a fantasy trilogy. She also offers Proofreading and Editing services.

A lover of nature, writing, reading, eco travel and crafting, Rayne enjoys good times spent with close friends.

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