Victim No More! How to Get Your Power Back

Genre: Christian, Non Fiction

Book Summary

Have you ever felt like something was holding you
back? Do you feel like you cannot let go of a particular
moment in your life? Do you feel like if you could
just let go of that significant hour, day, month, year,
or a decade, your current life would be completely
transformed? Your love life, your marriage, your passion,
your peace, your friendships, your career, your
relationships in your family, and most importantly,
the way you feel about yourself and the world would
be different!

Have you ever wondered why time does not heal old
wounds? Did you think that you were the only one?
Do you wear a smile but inside you feel entirely different?
Do you have a secret that you have never
told anyone? Do you have feelings about yourself
you don’t dare speak out loud? Do you feel like no
matter how many steps forward you make there
is always something stopping you from arriving at
where you know you deserve or want to be? Do you
want to learn how to thrive instead of just survive?
You will learn how to heal and move forward to a
life beyond your dreams. Then this book is for you!


"We each have our different pasts, having been raised by or lived through unhealthy environments and families. But we don't automatically have the strength to see or understand how that shaped us, continues to sap our power, changes our decisions and our futures.

This book takes you through a hard look at some uncomfortable places, and shows you examples of many ways the victim can be left behind. The power is there in each of us; we just need to know where to look and how to begin.

It's an easy, helpful read, teaching much about yourself or your loved ones, as we begin to realize what's behind the scenes and how to move up and out.

I love the scripture references, and was oddly comforted that this wisdom goes back far beyond the modern day therapists. That said, she also points out many types of healing methods from present day. It's not a one-size fits all, but presents many.

I'm recommending this."

- 5/5 Kate Cameron

"Great read for overcoming your past, and stepping into a better future. By understanding that we can not change our past but we can change how we react to it and we can change our attitudes about it. I walked around for years feeling guilty, ashamed, insecure and unloved, these feelings helped me to reach obesity and not care about myself, having little or no self esteem and fear of making the wrong move in my career, family and love life. I let myself be influenced, abused and broken and I never tried to defend myself. After reading this book, I used it as a tool to love myself and move forward because I am a Victim no more. I am not alone and I am taking my power back daily"

- 5/5 Barbara

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About the Author

Jennifer Gamboa has three degrees in which she graduated Cum Laude (with honors) in Business Management. She motives people to go after their dreams. Jennifer has an IQ of 136. She is an Author of Victim No More! How To Get Your Power Back. She is also the Co-Author of "You Deserve the Good Things in Life" which is in five countries. In the last twenty years, she helps others heal from their past abuse, and handle with dignity marital and health problems. She is a role model on how to stop barely surviving to Thriving!

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