Warlock's Nemesis, Book 2

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Summary

The world is devastated by a deadly virus which threatens humans' very existence. In an alliance with the humans, the witch coven sends Alice as a healer. With resources stretched thin, and with no information on the cause of the sickness, what Alice can do is limited. But she finds help where it is least expected. Tannon, the powerful warlock she has secretly loved all her life, seems intent on helping her. However, whoever is behind the creation of the virus has another target in mind. Things take a sinister turn as Tannon faces his greatest nemesis yet.

Will the identity of his nemesis be his downfall?


Explosive, word can not describe the intensity of this book. Fan-Freaking-Tastic there is everything in this mind blowing book - Adventure, Survival, Fear, Betrayal, Suspense, Action Packed, Loyalty, Hate, Love, so much Drama, Revenge, Sacrifice, Wowzer! - Ingrid S.

Visually appealing and entertaining from start to end. I loved that the writing was so visual. So many scenes and characters had me creating these fantastic images and imagining the contrasts of hair and eye color or viruses spinning and curling around each other. It was a joy to read a book so visually involved. The writing and actual storyline were also enjoyable. I did not see quite a few of the twists that came my way. I thought I had once but nope I was thrown! - Meghan

About the Author

The author lives amidst her wild imagination, trespasses alien universes, and daily chats with invisible creatures. Her books are a compilation of her astute observations and cherished memories. No, she has not dreamt of being a writer when she was young and though she is an accumulator of masters degrees, both in natural and social sciences, she’s not even once considered getting one in literature.

She calls herself an accidental writer. The author has discovered the joy of writing one summer when she wanted to escape the Goddess of Stress. Now that she has stumbled upon writing, and fallen in love with it, she wants to write forever.

According to her readers, her books are "rich with plot twists" and "addictive emotional rollercoasters."

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