Warrior and the Widow

Genre: Romance

Book Summary


Jacob may not have been a soldier but he took a bullet for me all the same. He left behind a young daughter and a lovely wife. I swore to him I’d take care of them. However, his widowed wife is making it a lot harder than I imagined.

Isabelle is innocent, smart, and a million other things. She’s everything I’ve missed during my life as a soldier. I’ve never had a chance to start a family. I’ve grown to love them but I’m too emotionally scarred by war.

I swore an oath to protect them but it’s a lot tougher being a civilian than it is being a warrior. Giving into my desire for Isabelle feels like a betrayal. I was just supposed to look after Jacob’s widow.

Not fall for her.


I told Jacob not to go volunteer in Afghanistan as a doctor. A year later, a sexy, decorated Marine named Aaron told me of my husband’s death. I would’ve been lost and alone if it wasn’t for Aaron.

He’s just the man I need to overcome my grief. Behind that gruff exterior is a caring, sensitive man. The loss of his comrades has left a hole in his heart but a woman’s touch could heal it. Soon, our feelings for each other become all too intimate.

However, survivor’s guilt eats away at him. Aaron is in just as much pain as I am. Will he choose his loyalty to Jacob or his love for me?

WARRIOR and the WIDOW a full length romance novel with a HEA, NO CHEATING, and absolutely NO CLIFFHANGER. It features a BONUS STORY for a LIMITED TIME!

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