Warriors of Taulon Prequel

Genre: Sci-fi

Book Summary

Science Fiction Romance - Warriors of Taulon Prequel

The Taulon Warriors will risk life and limb to protect the most precious commodity in the universe: Females.
On the planet of Taulon, men outnumber females 1000 to 1. If a man is lucky enough to find a mate, he must protect her, cherish her, and above all else .... never hurt a female.
When Za'haan finds his mate unfaithful, the seasoned warrior throws himself into his work to hide his heartache. Desperate for space between him and his homeworld, Za'haan accepts a mission that will take him to a distant galaxy where a rival race, known for its brutality, has established a thriving slave trade.
The Taulon Warriors will do whatever it takes to rescue the enslaved females and return with them to their homeworld. But this mission will bring Za'haan and his crew into uncharted space against a powerful, vicious enemy.
And perhaps bring Za'haan closer to his destiny/his one true love.

About the Author

The stories I enjoy writing are the same kinds of books I enjoy reading. Science Fiction and Paranormal Romance are my absolute favorite types of books but I read just about anything so long as it’s a good story.

My heroes are always strong and sweet. My couples always find their happily-ever-after because I believe we all secretly want that.

My latest books are a science fiction romance series: Warriors of Taulon. The first book of the series is Invasion.

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