We're All Working Together

Genre: Sci-fi

For Fans Of

William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, Ian MacDonald

Book Summary

Sergeant Bowie and the Spider Team are searching through a post-apocalyptic landscape for the man who invented time travel and caused a devastating global disaster.

Sgt Bowie must go against his orders and send his team to journey throughout history in search of the one who may hold the key to rescuing humanity from the endless loop of destruction he set in motion. From a post-apocalyptic future, by way of 1970s New York, the narrative threads culminate on a doomed island sanctuary in the distant past and a survivalist tribe at the end of civilisation.

At its heart, it deals with the need for family and the emotional ties that bind them together but examines the ideas of fate, science and magic within a densely layered narrative mixture of time travel, world devastation and esoteric reference to David Bowie; a motif behind the narrative that echoes and reflects the choices of Sgt Bowie as he travels through time, drawn towards a single, shared moment in his family’s history.

About the Author

Self-published author, composer and artist.

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