What A Day To End The World

Genre: Action Adventure, Conspiracy Thrillers, Dystopian and Futuristic, Humour, Sci-fi, Suspense Thrillers

For Fans Of

Kurt Vonnegut, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis

Book Summary

A smart-mouthed musclebound hero straight out of an 80's action movie traverses realities and saves worlds. Shame he's such a dick about it...

There are billions of realities protected by Jump Division, an interdimensional agency preserving the grid.
However, not all agents are created equal. Some, are just arseholes.
Marcus Hayes is one such arsehole...
A loud, brash action movie cliché. He loves to hit people, shoot other people,
always walks away from explosions in slow motion, and pretty much everyone hates him.

After yet another mission going awry, he's stationed on a mundane world as punishment.
But as a threat to the reality looms, he discovers it isn't as mundane as it's supposed to be...

About the Author

Lee Isserow is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker, with almost twenty years spent trawling the back streets and dark alleys of the 'entertainment' industry.
Now semi-retired, they write a book or two a month, because Asperger compels it.

Lee lives in Liverpool, England because they accidentally bought a house there. They're not quite sure how that happened - but assumes part of that is because they used to drink a lot...

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