White Noise

Genre: Action Adventure, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Book Summary

Max wants to run, but they find him every time.

After a normal day at school turns into the double homicide of his parents, Max finds himself in a strange place surrounded by stranger people. Harrison, a boy who can teleport, shows him the ropes and warns him not to stray too far away from the group. The people who killed his parents are after all of them.

At first Max doesn’t believe him, but every time he tries to leave, the men in suits and a mysterious woman in white are there. He doesn’t know how they keep finding him, but something about this doesn’t feel right and he can’t sit by and wait for answers.

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About the Author

Tanya Lisle is a novelist from Metro Vancouver, British Columbia who has series littered across genres from supernatural horror to young adult fantasy. She began writing in elementary school, when she started turning homework assignments into short stories and continued this trend well into university. While attending Simon Fraser University, she developed an appreciation for public domain crossovers and cross-platform narratives. She has a shelf full of notebooks with more story ideas than pens lost to the depths of her bag. Now she writes incessantly in hopes of finishing all of them.

Thankfully, her cat, Remy, has figured out how to shut off Tanya’s computer when she needs to take a break.

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