"Wiping Away the Tears"

Genre: General Fiction

Book Summary

Wiping Away the Tears is the gripping and unpredictable story of Gage, an imprisoned teen gang member, and Rory, an idealistic teacher. Gage has spent the past three years in a juvenile detention facility after killing a rival gang member and has shown no signs of redemption. His gatekeepers and educators have given up on believing they can inspire him to change, and Gage angrily accepts he’ll never be anything other than a criminal who will always be alone.

Rory, freshly hired for a teaching position at Gage’s detention facility, becomes determined to inspire Gage to learn to read and write, but over time the boy tests her commitment not just to his literacy but also to her loyalty and, ultimately, her love.

As years pass and Rory becomes obsessed with showing Gage the unconditional love he’s never experienced, she becomes entangled in his seductive, psychological web. Will her unwavering devotion to transforming the reckless boy save him from a life of crime, or will her sacrifices cause her life to spiral out of control?

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About the Author

I am a former teacher who has worked with at-risk-students and adults for over 30 years. My most interesting teaching experience was when I worked at a male lock-down facility. Every type of criminal was represented. The experience gave me first hand knowledge of how the criminal mind works.

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