Genre: Children, Fantasy, Humour, Young Adult

Book Summary

Can wishes really come true? Patsy's about to find out!

Patsy Noakes’s life is rubbish. All she's got are her pet Guinea Pig: Freddy, her best friend Timmy and her dance classes after school.…and she hates school because of horrible Brittani, but maybe things are about to change!

During a scary, freak thunderstorm Patsy discovers something unbelievable (and very strange). Can her favourite sweets really be magic? Sweets can’t grant wishes, can they? It seems to Patsy that they just might, when she wishes for something and it comes true!

Patsy’s going to have fun testing her theory out! Her best friend Timmy will definitely want to ‘help’, with a few wishes of his own. The first thing Patsy’s going to wish for is to stop horrible Brittani from calling her ‘Cow Pat’ every day at school. That’s when the fun really starts!

Can wishes really come true? Would it really be that brilliant to have what you wished for anyway? Join Patsy and Timmy to find out in this tale of friendship and school days.

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About the Author

Anna Skoyles is a writer and performer with a love of comedy and animals. She writes children's and women's fiction and also shares her comedy and music on her You Tube channel.

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