Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Genre: Action Adventure, Romantic Suspense Thriller

For Fans Of

Dark, character-driven romantic military thrillers. Lee Child Novels, Lynda La Plante, Martina Cole, Val McDermid or Alex Cross Novels. Possibly Fifty Shades of Grey.

Book Summary

A fragile mum with HUGE secrets. An irreverent man-mountain with a gooey centre. An undercover mission. Sparks WILL fly.
When Carrie’s ex-military father needs an undercover husband and wife team to root out a traitor, she holds her own against trained professionals, even when sniffing sweaty tee-shirts.
Her “husband” is everything she’s learned to hate in a man. Built like a Welsh mountain, Bryn is an unlikely partner whose detective skills expose her shameful secrets. Battling deeply-buried terrors, Carrie faces setbacks designed to stretch her tenuous grip on reality to its limit. His gentle kindness pierces her armour, and mutual interests restore her tattered self-esteem.
Tensions ramp up as the factory manager is kidnapped and a security breach catapults the firm into an unsavoury global arena. Carrie ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. With her track record, the chances of surviving unscathed are slim.


"A twister of a read from beginning to end, Wolf In Sheep's Clothing is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats. A fine thriller with a heady mix of romance, the plot is engaging but immaterial when the chemistry between lead characters is this good. Intelligent and heavy on intrigue, Wolf In Sheep's Clothing creates a favourable balance between show and tell which keeps suspense and tension at just the right level throughout. A genuine pageturner which raises the bar, Wolf In Sheep's Clothing is highly recommended. A must read for the months ahead." - BookViral

"I loved this book. I was devastated when I got to the end as I wanted to know what was going to happen next. [How long til the next one...?] Please tell me it won't be long til the next book is ready, I'm dying to know what happened to [spoiler alert!]. I'm hoping for a happily ever after, but something tells me it won't be that easy." - Lubelz: Amazon Reader, UK

"Wolf in Sheep's Clothing provides the reader with action, adventure and romance. The two main characters this time around are Carrie and Bryn, who are complex, interesting characters, forced to work together on a mission that will take them further than they could have ever imagined. I look forward to Book 3." - Paula Yourell, Author of Against the Light

"IMHO this second book is BETTER than the first book, Fox Amongst Wolves. The writing is smoother and the pace crisper. Overall, Ms. Green has taken all that was great about the first book in the HOSTAGE series and improved upon it." - Veronica Richards, Author of The Heartless Fey

"This series has the perfect mix of romance, action, and intrigue, a hard thing to find. In this story, we have Carrie, who is vulnerable and flawed, and Bryn who is strong yet still flawed. The two together are brilliant." - AD - Amazon Reader

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About the Author

Ro Green squanders most of her leisure time reading, writing and listening to music. Almost every minute of every day sees her sat at a keyboard, furtling with a story (hers or someone else's) or chatting to her many friends all over the world. That's living alright! Well it is when you combine it with frequent trips to Wet, Windy Wales or Wondrous Wessex. Ro lives with her husband in the middle of England with the odd visit from their three darlings. There are some boring bits about having to earn a crust - but that's not really Ro.

Half a century of people, countries and experiences are fighting inside her mind to get themselves down on paper. So many stories, so little time.

She is proud to announce the release of the third in her series of military thrillers with a hint of dark romance. Hostage: Fox Among Wolves, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Big Bad Wolf. Although it started life as a single book, readers requested more of these characters, "the unsung heroes who work in the shadows." Great fun to work with such quirky, subversive guys and gals.

Ro Green is a member of the World Wise Writer's group, a group of awesome scribes with huge hearts, wickedly funny lines and cats. Especially Ginger ones.

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