Would You Marry A Farmer?


Book Summary

Would you like to marry a farmer? Do you consider him to be a good catch? Wondering where to find a nice farmer? Wondering what you might need to know when dating a farmer?  Sixsmith's very funny take also advises on how to cope with the mother-in-law and how to stay married to your farmer. Don't date a farmer without reading it first!

If you are a farmer, read it for some tips on how to appear in the best light!  It also contains interesting historical and funny facts about bygone farmers ensuring plenty of chuckles as you turn the pages. 


Lifted and lightened by the humorous drawings scattered throughout, it's also a good read for the general reader who wants to be entertained as well as informed. As such I highly recommend it.

The book is really funny but also very informative too - I have learnt a lot about the history of farming in Ireland plus all the different types of farms and farming there is. And not done in studious way but interestingly to keep reading and find out more.

 Lorna helps you laugh at some of the tensest moments of farming life along with your guilty spouse! Read it & just enjoy as much as you enjoy the farming life!

Her book is filled not only with great tips and funny stories regarding life with a farmer, but a wonderful bit of Irish history as well. The pages fly by and the book is a perfect companion with your cup of tea. My only regret? That it wasn't LONGER. 

I wish I had read this 24yrs ago! I did indeed marry a farmer and most of what Lorna writes is frightening accurate in my experience. She is observant and hits the nail on the head on a lot of occasions. 

This book is an in depth look at life as a farmers wife.And it is an absolute must buy, for all ages,and groups of people! It is a laugh out loud, make you think kind of book.She hits the mark a hundred percent. Being a farmers wife it was like she took a magnifying glass to our lives!

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About the Author

Lorna is a self published author and a successful crowdfunder. Her book 'Would You Marry A Farmer?' was inspired by a successful blog post which went viral. It was entitled 'Advice to those considering marrying a farmer'.
Lorna is, of course, married to a farmer and runs a social media training business too. Her book was launched on 29th November and she is on her second print run having sold 1000 books to date.

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