Woven in the Blood

Genre: Short Stories

Book Summary

Woven in the Blood is a collection of short stories by Lisa Parsons.
Sultry and decidedly noir, these stories are ripe with sensuality
and vexing details. Each one makes up a part of the puzzle which
makes up the author's night and day dreams. Written between
2008 and 2017.

A female professor's obsession with sex and tenure and her partner's
love of drawing.

Adoption woes and fantasies. Gothic details surrounding an Austrian
princess and an Iraqi father.

About the Author

Lisa Parsons is an award winning author and visual artist. Parsons has a MA in Liberal Studies from New York University and worked as the Agent and Editor Coordinator for the Willamette Writers Conference. Her other books include 'eyes of yore' a collection of poetry, 'Gesta's Space' a science fiction short short, and 'Robbie and Rudy's Wild Ride' a young adult short short.
Lisa lives in the Pacific NW area of the US in Milwaukie, Oregon where she writes and creates unique mixed media artworks.

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