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Anyone wanting to write a book and go on to self-publish and sell it. Think Joanna Penn and her peers, advising on writing, self-publishing and book promotion etc ...

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WRITE, PUBLISH, PROMOTE is the complete guide to building a successful indie publishing career. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, this is all you need to write, publish and launch your book to bestseller status in one hit! Over the last 4 years, Debrah Martin has written and published 9 books. WRITE, PUBLISH, PROMOTE will be her 10th. It’s been a steep learning curve from novice writer to award-winning author but it’s all here; a warts and all writer’s bible for writing, publishing and marketing print and eBooks, whether through Amazon and on Kindle, or through any of the other publishing platforms available. Whether you are a debut author just learning the craft or a seasoned professional taking back control of your career, here are the writing prompts, publishing techniques and marketing strategies to achieve success. In WRITE see how a best seller is written, focusing on Structure, plotting, setting, creating atmosphere. Characterisation and dialogue, style and POV. How to edit successfully. In PUBLISH find out How to craft a winning pitch to agents and independent publishers. The self-publishing options to consider and how to choose the right one. How to format print and eBooks with a step-by-step guide, plus cover design tips. The right categories, keywords and SEO to immediately get your book ranking. The technical tips needed to be a successful self-publisher. In PROMOTE, learn the techniques of effective book marketing using Your author platform – and what you need to do to create it. Book launch strategies and getting those all-important reviews. Social Media, and the media generally, to promote your book. Mailing list strategies to keep selling your book long after it hits #1 as a best seller. Also included is access to Over 500 groups, top reviewers, bloggers and promotional sites to use to promote your book. Templates for press release, reviewer enquiries and media press kits. Resources and software used by six figure best selling authors and professionals. And much more being regularly added as marketing trends develop.


"The only self-publishing guide you'll need. For anyone new to writing fiction, "Write, Publish, Promote" is a meticulous and actionable crash course to everything you need to do (but don't yet). You'll want to have a copy nearby so you can take notes; it'll guide you through every step of the publishing process, with resources and examples." - Derek Murphy, author of "Book Marketing is Dead"

About the Author

Even as a child I read avidly, working my way along the shelves in the local library until I’d run out of books. The love of literature continued into adult life, with a degree in English Literature and Fine Art. Now, with a miscellany of careers from finance to teaching, nursery management to event management, behind me, I still read voraciously but also now write with equal passion.

I'm a B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree (https://www.bragmedallion.com/award-winning-books/thriller/patchwork-man/) for Patchwork Man, the first in my Patchwork People trilogy thriller series, self-published in 2014/15, and also for Chained Melodies (http://www.bragmedallion.com/award-winning-books/literary-fiction/chained-melodies/), the story of a transgender. I have now self-published seven fictional titles in total, plus a non-fiction book on writing. As well as writing full time, I also teach workshops on creative writing, and in 2014 was the Chair of literary festival.

I'm always delighted to swap newsletters with authors writing in similar genres to me - mystery/thrillers, literary fiction and writing theory. I also have books out on audio so audiobook promotion is of interest to me too.

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