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You’re Never Too Old and It’s Never Too Late
In multiple worlds, universes and dimensions of reality, there are tales of Hub Worlds, where many different realms can meet and intersect. Some travel between worlds through the power of the mind and Talents born into the blood, while others are chosen through vision and prophecy and step between worlds with the power of talismans. None can go to the others' worlds, except when they meet in a Hub World. Wildvine County, somewhere in the United States, is that pivotal point where the travelers...
Complete Guide For Sequencing Classify yoga poses and instantly create customized yoga sequences for different levels, themes and goals. 200+ Asana Variations in Detail Access more than 200 asana instructions, alignment cues, contraindications, and modifications and bring your yoga classes and practice to a whole new level. For more details visit:
Cursed Wartime is an epic fantasy Novel. 241 pages of action, adventure and mystery.
Cursed Wartime is an epic fantasy Novel. 241 pages of action, adventure and mystery.
Speed Kills The Learjet spirals out of control, then crashes into the Pacific. Onboard, Celerity, young, rich, and the world's most famous female athlete. The world is stunned. Recordings are discovered—a diary of her rapid rise to fame and fortune—her secrets revealed one by one. Celerity usually comes in second at UCLA track—the first loser, her coach would say. But she is encouraged by her father, a botanist, her only parent. Then he dies unexpectedly. Now she is parentless and alone.
THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY Unprecedented chaos in America—on the brink of a second civil war. Maverick investigative journalist Jackson Rand runs the controversial website It’s the home of the Sunlight List—news exclusives exposing political corruption. Five public figures on The List disappear on the same night three weeks before the presidential election, including the Speaker of the House and the Governor of the World Bank. Part of his background a black hole, Jackson becomes...
2040…VENTURA CALIFORNIA Becca Wilde, a terminally ill teenage autistic savant, senses a presence—an intelligence—in THE STREAM, the virtual reality entertainment phenomenon created by her tech-billionaire father. She believes the intelligence can create a cure, but her father intends to use radical technology. They are running out of time. Then technology stops working. All of it. No Internet. No screens. Not even cars. But one thing is working—a Russian A.I. that mutated—and is now in the wild.
Een uitgebreid handboek voor Hatha Yoga beoefenaar en Yoga docenten voor het opstellen van holistische lessen en een waardevolle bron voor elke yogi.
As our Vincent Pietro explains, ghosts are assholes. They always demand things. And are they ever grateful? No, of course not. They never even say thank you. Things seem to be different when he meets a recently departed ghost named Raquel Cobb, a woman who died young who was an incredible actress destined for stardom. Her memories are all over the place, a symptom common in ghosts, but that is about the only thing she has in common with other ghosts.


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