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Chicago video producer Ellie Foreman has been absent from thriller author Libby Fischer Hellmann's repertoire for almost a decade. Now, in Jump Cut, she's back...and is soon entangled in a web of espionage, murder, and suspicion that threatens to destroy what she holds most dear.
A bus explodes in Peru, killing all passengers. A former spy is kidnapped in Colombia. Obscure European diplomats are being assassinated by a sniper. A trail of conspiracy and murder will lead former Navy SEAL and agency operative Joe Brennan across the globe, as he teams with reporter Alexandra Malone to end a plot that could turn the balance of world power, and cost millions of lives.
Aboriginal legal aid lawyer Jessica Harper is in deep, with an entire city howling for her client's head. A prominent oilman has been murdered, gunned down in the snowy Canadian winter night and left on a dead-end street. But the victim had secrets, and a deep list of enemies. Jessica's getting help from a former football player-turned-investigator, but both have their own demons to battle. A man's life is on the line, and only they can save him.
Isadora’s secret plan to save her family is frustrated by the arrival of the Errant Heir, with plans of his own. As Isadora prepares to thwart him, Lord Roborough’s friendliness and warmth undermines her determination—until she discovers he is a hardened gamester. As Roborough struggles to recover a wasted inheritance and counter Isadora’s attempts at sabotage, he is both intrigued and infuriated by her mercurial temperament. Bitterly hurt by her lack of trust, he despairs of a happy outcome.
Septimus Berowne, poet, has no intention of succumbing to the warmth and charm of the wealthy Lady Louisa Shittlehope. Can he to stop her embroiling herself in his family’s affairs? She befriends his sisters and his brothers have designs on her fortune. Mistaken identity and a madcap chase ensue. Society’s disapproval is certain. Or is Louisa in more danger from the attraction of the poet’s delightful wit?
Scandal, passion and a tangled inheritance. Sheltering from a violent storm, Benedict helps a woman in distress, who turns out to be his dying godmother’s companion. A shocking inheritance blasts friendship apart, and Theda has to confront the ghosts of her past. Will the blistering scandals of yesteryear keep Theda and Benedict forever divided? Or will the flame of love triumph?
In Tunbridge Wells, Denzell watches a beautiful girl playing with children in the snow. The mysterious Verena proves cold and apparently impervious to Denzell’s charm. Verena, anxious for her abused mother’s health, is struggling to remain aloof. Will his affection be enough to coax Verena out of her fear of matrimony?
On the planet Fortune, tech is low, tensions high and heroes… unlikely.
Years after that fateful fall down the rabbit hole, Alice has moved on from the memories of Wonderland and is now attending the prestigious Lucena Academy to get a fresh start. Unfortunately, a purple haired boy appears at school and reveals himself to be the Cheshire Cat. He speaks in riddles about how Wonderland is a much different place than when Alice last visited and tempts her with a visit back. Alice must decide whether or not she will go back, or the Cheshire Cat will make the choice...
Childhood love, forbidden magic, and a goddess of death. A romance is reignited when Pierre Salvador returns to court, now a surgeon and ready to take up his duties as duc. But his love, family, and friends are unaware of his dealings with Mora, the Lady of Death. Striving to know all the physical and mystical means of controlling life, and ending it, he became a suitor to the daimon in return for her knowledge and power. With one final task he will master necrocræft, but will Mora let him go?


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