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The overwhelming majority of self-made rich agree it is largely a person’s habits that lead to wealth and outstanding success. If you want to discover their incredible habits and routines then read on. The question I ask myself every day is, ‘Am I doing the most important thing I could be doing?’ – Mark Zuckerberg – If you carry on acting exactly as you are now, where will you be in 10 years-time? Will you achieve your goals?
Don’t stand out. Keep control. Don’t draw attention.
Welcome back for another heaping helping of horror. These eighteen stories are a bit longer than the previous Fragments volume. Hopefully, they will draw you deeper into their web. I've thrown in an extra special morsel at the end, I hope you find it to your liking.
Meet Lily, a typical London schoolgirl whose life is perfect. Until her mum falls ill, a New Girl arrives and she ends up losing all her friends. A heartwarming, hilarious story based on basic Buddhist philosophy, where through the eyes of a child, we learn about our emotions, friendship, kindness and the power of love. Suitable for ages 7-12.
Seth's tutors have prepared him for a life of danger since he was a child ...They thought they'd have more time ...There's no way he could be ready.He'll have to disappear ... And leave no trace.But now he's cornered.If he doesn't confront his enemies, there won't be anything left of what made life worth living.Family ... Friends ... Home ...He needs allies ... He'll never survive alone. But during his time in hiding, Seth learns something important ... Sometimes you need to fight when it's...
Welcome to the dawn of the Symbiont Wars SagaIzhidra fell from space three millennia where the Nile cradled Earth's earliest civilization on its banks...Because of her tail and brindled skin, the people mistook her for a goddess...Bastet, the Eye of Ra... Though what else could they have thought?The notion of aliens from another star had no place to alight in their minds. But Izhidra finds the paths of the gods paved with treacherous stones.
In a universe where magic and science exist, two nations battle for dominance. The Utopian Kingdom ruled by the beautiful and wise Princess Asora, and the Darkcon Empire ruled by the cunning and sensuous Queen Laxur. War has broken out between these two nations. Queen Laxur seeks the ultimate magical power, while her little sister Princess Asora hopes that new technology with magic can defeat her mad sister and her wicked empire.
What happens when an ordinary teenager has to turn into a warrior just to survive? And can the journey through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder really become an “adventure?”
Finding her could kill me Nature created the five of us to save this dying planet and forge a balance between mankind and nature. Now we’re pitted against each other. War and me, against Famine and Death. We tried to talk to them, bring them over to our side. They refused… then they made it personal.
With over 500 tools and resources to help you take care of business, The Ultimate Business Toolbox is a must have for every business professional. Inside you will find the perfect tools and resources to manage every aspect of your business, including marketing and sales tools, social media management tools, legal resources, creative tools, financial resources, research tools, web master resources, and so much more. Once you begin using the resources provided by The Ultimate Business Toolbox,...


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