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As a once tiny caterpillar grows and changes, he experiences the wonders and fears of the garden, the terror and pain of a dark cocoon, and the difficulty of waiting as God slowly transforms him into the butterfly he was made to be. Growth isn't easy, and change is often hard and painful, but as the caterpillar learns, no matter what stage of life you find yourself in, God is always near, and He always has more goodness in store.
This delightful series focuses on the humorous mystery and romantic adventures of the kind folks who live in the environs of a small village nestled on Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin. Along the way in the series, silkie chickens, a giant prehistoric beaver skeleton, a kidnapped reindeer, and other flora and fauna contribute to the amusing mischief and mayhem.
Don’t wait. Hurry and grab your copy to start reading this exciting new Paranormal Romance series today! Amy is a snarky badass. Dedicated, hardworking and by the book. All great attributes for a forensic investigator.
A solitary undercover cop, torn between duty and desire, risks his sanity. Almost everything he thinks he knows, including himself, is a story.
Success, although a seven-letter word, has a strong standing in our lives. With different meanings and definitions, success has a unique way of surprising you when you least expect it, of course, the hard work and efforts are mandatory. This book combines the teachings of Scripture, along with methods of making your dreams come true. In God’s word, we find the true meaning of success and the strength to get past failures as stepping stones. He, in His most Divine ways, guides his people in the...
What starts as an innocent quest to follow the unicorn's trail, turns into a sinister nightmare. “I was so happy to find a book that truly captivated my imagination from beginning to end.” K Johnstone Banished from their village, Otta, and her twin brother Erl, (who has lost his memory), must stay ahead of those who seek to kill them. Learning how to follow the unicorn's trail and deal with her brother's dark side, Otta must keep them both safe as she attempts to follow the commands of a...
Plant-Based Switch, a conscious lifestyle book, brings you experts covering different faces of cruelty-free lifestyle – food, nutrition, wellness, beauty, fashion, relationships, and science. We feature celebrity guests, fashion icons, and nutritional gurus sharing, incorporating, and exploring the exciting aspects of living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Airing first on the FYI/A&E Network, Plant-Based is the world’s first and still the only vegan lifestyle series on mainstream...
Hatha Yoga for Teachers and Practitioners is a must-read if you want to derive maximum benefits from your yoga practice and master the art of comprehensive sequencing. You will be presented with powerful tools to classify yoga poses and instantly create customized sequences for different levels, themes, and goals.
Six high school students obtained amazing superpowers from their school's demonic legend and unleash the demonic Horde. As their new powers grow, they have to find a way to contain what they unleashed before the evil spreads beyond the school.


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