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After her father’s accident, Corrie Lancaster moves back to the family farm just in time to help with the harvest. With a bumper crop of wheat waiting, the farm’s only hired hand quits, leaving Corrie with no choice but to accept the help of her old boyfriend’s older brother, Aaron Tuttle. It seems like the perfect plan until Corrie realizes ex-flame Luke isn’t over her. But even with Luke’s apologies and attempts to rekindle their romance, Corrie can’t forget his past betrayal.
As the people of Annecy in the French Alps meet the Gestapo’s brutality with surprising resistance, a teen-aged girl cannot rest until she solves the mystery of a death in her family. Aurelie watches as her father places a shrouded body on the North side of the roof of the family home. It’s winter, under a Nazi-declared state of siege, and they must wait until the spring thaw for the burial. But who died? And why is no one speaking to her anymore? Aurelie cannot rest until she discovers the...
Retired CIA officer Tim Hall drinks heavily to forget the few troubles he can actually remember. Still suffering from the car crash that killed his wife and stole his memories, he volunteers for a medical trial to recover the mysteries of his past. But after he wakes from a blackout lasting days, he’s convinced two sinister men are hunting him down…
This is a love story of a mature man and a young married woman. Is it modern Lolita or something other? Can a significant age difference be an obstacle to their desire to be happy? Will they be able to resist the temptation? Won’t the hot passion burn our characters down? What do the heroes of the novel feel and think about? It all started as the usual internet acquaintance. Or maybe not quite usual?
A charming story that happened in the attic of an old house. Suitable for reading to kindergarten children.
The power of the kings of the Middle Kingdom have been failing for some time, having lost control of the Nile Delta to a series of Canaanite kings who ruled from the northern city of Avaris. Into this mix came the Kings of Amurri, Lebanon and Syria bent on subduing the whole of Egypt. These kings were known as the Hyksos, and they dealt a devastating blow to the peoples of the Nile Delta and Valley.
Another bumper book! 18+ Sword & Sorcery Epic Fantasy Jacinta and Hakeem must journey into the magnificent Caucasus Mountains in search of the last city of the dwarves and the monster army which destroyed it. There Jacinta must face Æloðulf, the greatest sorcerer the world has ever seen. It is a battle that she cannot win, and what she is asked to give up in the end is more than she can afford to lose.
She no longer dreams of mighty conquest. Now she only dreams of return. This is the tale of Lîlît Gamaliel, an elderly dæmyn forbidden from adventuring with the ærendmyn she loves until she can prove that fate has not abandoned her. To regain that companionship and her own pride, she engages in agonising struggles against fierce monsters deeper in the chaotic void than anyone has ever dared go. Gavríæl is a Trueborn ærendmyn. Lîlît is an arch-dæmyn. They are forever entwined.
Shelly Lynne, a little duckling, has arrived as her new home. She's excited to be here and looking forward to making new friends. But things don't go as well as she'd hoped. She finds a true friend in Kal, the Kune Kune piglet and he helps her navigate her new home. But the bullies won't leave her alone and when she stands up to them, they target others. Shelly Lynne has to decide if she wants to go along and act like it's okay or if she wants to take on the bullies of the barnyard.
The adventures continue when Ashanti decides to visit Adam in Houston. When a dog shows up at the door with bloody paws, she can't help but investigate. As they try to figure out what's going on, with a dog and an baby in tow, things get scary and stressful. Follow along as they navigate emotions, meet new characters, and try to solve the murder in the Houston high rise!


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