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After acting in his cousin's film school project, Kyle is offered the starring role in the science-fiction TV series Bridger. Its overnight success forces him into the reluctant role of heartthrob. Raine is a high school sophomore when her TV writer mentor convinces her to write a script for Bridger. When she's cast as her own female lead, Jess, she meets Kyle. Loving Bridger is easy, but immature Kyle breaks her heart. When the show ends, Kyle gladly leaves Hollywood to return to his family's...
Leah’s nightmare began the day the dog died. A few years earlier a fatal car crash took the lives of Leah’s beloved husband and their two babies, leaving her disabled. Life looked bleak. She was approaching forty, unemployed, broke and desperate. Then she met Mason. He was charming, charismatic, persuasive, and a successful businessman, well respected in the community. His teenage daughter did nothing to welcome Leah into the family, but life is never perfect.
Facing capture or annihilation from all sides, the only hope the Human Garde have for survival is to stand together once and for all to fight back against their true enemies. Return to Zero is the epic conclusion to the story of the Garde that began with the worldwide phenomenon I Am Number Four.
Heroes Don’t Cry-#3 Dystopian Thriller HEROES Series is a fast-paced, dystopian thriller. Be the hero. Save the girl. But Ben Jackman is a hunted man. He has killed, and that changes a man. When Ben discovers a plot to kill the King using children strapped with explosive vests, he must come out of the dark and save the day. But being the hero doesn’t come easy to Ben. There is a child to save, bombs to defuse and a woman to impress. Alas, two out of three is the best he can hope for.
When her mother’s husband is kidnapped and a Russian guest is murdered in the luxury hotel managed by boyfriend Kurt Rucker, Acapulco detective Emilia Cruz faces both a family and a job crisis. Former partner Franco Silvio is now her boss, grumbling over paperwork, airport thieves, and the city's rising homicide rate. They'll join forces when evidence of Russian collusion leads to Mexico's oil and gas industry . . . With explosive results.
Based on the true events of September 2014, when 43 college students disappeared after a night of violence in the Mexican state of Guerrero, Detective Emilia Cruz is detailed to a national task force to investigate. She’s the junior member and the only woman. As tensions within the task force soar, a diplomat from the United States embassy offers Emilia $50,000 to end the investigation into the missing students.
Acapulco detective Emilia Cruz Emilia and her partner Franco Silvio find an elaborate altar to Santa Muerte next to the body of a known gang member. Prayers to the so-called Skeleton Saint deliver a dire warning to the death saint’s enemies. When a rival gang retaliates with mutilations and public messages, warfare sweeps across Mexico's iconic resort city. Emilia’s investigation is soon a maze of unholy clues. At the same time, everyone close to her has a brush with death. Bad luck? Or is the...
When partner Franco Silvio’s wife is killed, Detective Emilia Cruz is terrified that it is connected to the recent murders of three senior law enforcement officials with whom she worked. Could she be the next victim of the El Trio killer? Meanwhile, Emilia’s ongoing hunt for a missing girl leads to the infamous El Pharaoh casino, a place she and Silvio know only too well. Corruption and paranoia rule the day. Each spin of the wheel could be the last for Acapulco's first female police...
Acapulco's first female police detective, Emilia Cruz, stumbles upon a religious relic from Mexico's Cristero War. At the same time she and senior detective Franco Silvio find a murder victim aboard a cruise ship. The victim’s pockets are lined with Ora Ciega, a rare heroin strain from Colombia that promises more drug war violence for Acapulco’s already bloody streets. Emilia will face the biggest challenge of her police detective career when drugs, her faith, and a dangerous rookie collide in...
The first female police detective in Acapulco is on the hunt for a firebug and a missing girl. Neither investigation is easy, because the influence and impact of Mexico’s drug war is everywhere, just like the salt breeze coming off the ocean. As Acapulco screams for an end to violent arson attacks, Emilia Cruz’s cases are hijacked by savage political rivalries, a corrupt Vice cop, and a woman in prison who knows more than she’ll say.


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